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   Chapter 1239 Extra Story 129 Of Charlie Love Required Effort

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Updated: 2019-08-28 10:37

Addison's pampering voice finally cooled her down. She replied, "My dear brother, did you call just to mock me?"

"Well, Charlie isn't here and Ezra is busy at work. So, I am just calling to check if you are bored," Addison laughed silently when he heard her snort.

After sending a goodbye message to her team, Evelyn dragged the character back to the Dark Wizard City which she had won back and then logged out. Shrugging her shoulders, she complained, "You will not come to see me even if I am bored. So, what's the point of this call?"

"I don't think I can get rid of your boredom even if I come right away," Addison teased.

She rolled her eyes. "Why don't you give it a try? Show up and see for yourself."

The doorbell rang at that moment.

Frowning, Evelyn walked to the door without her slippers. She said on the phone, "Hold on a minute. Someone is at the door."

"Don't go open the door so promptly. It could be someone dangerous, you know," Addison said in a teasing tone. "What if you are taken away by some villain? Our father or I may not have enough time to come rescue you."

Shaking her head, Evelyn replied proudly, "He would have to put me down first, which will not be very easy for any villain, I can guarantee that." She opened the door without checking who was outside. She screamed out in joy and threw herself into Addison's arms, "You! You just lied to me!"

He hugged her back and smiled with his dimples showing. "Just wanted to surprise my little sister. I knew you would be bored at home all alone. I was here for a meeting. Since I am done with work already, I thoug

to have dinner in the dark? How do we know what we are eating?" Evelyn murmured. Lost in her thought, Evelyn didn't even realize that Addison wasn't with her anymore. He took a step back and smiled at her back.

At that moment, a faint light appeared.

Evelyn stopped in her tracks and looked at the light, trying to figure out where it was coming from. Gradually, more and more fluorescent green lights started blinking from the ceiling. She was surrounded by the lights within a minute.

"Fireflies…" Evelyn whispered, her eyes open wide. It was so beautiful that she forgot where she was at that moment. Laughing excitedly, she reached out her hands to catch one of the fireflies, but it quickly flew away from her reach. She sighed, "They are so pretty!"

She heard a violin play from a short distance away from her. Evelyn turned to the sound. The lights on the stairs turned on automatically, and at the end of the stairs, Ezra was standing with a violin in his hand. Beside him was a heart-shaped arched door, which was illuminated with beautiful lights.


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