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   Chapter 1238 Extra Story 128 Of Charlie Love Required Effort

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"Wh—" Sean was flabbergasted. He murmured under his breath, "You and Evelyn are the only ones in this world who would dare command me."

No one dared to demand anything of him as Sean would take over the XK Intelligence Agency. He was the top brass around here. Even Brian never ordered him around, respecting his leadership in the agency.

"Why didn't you say anything about Sean before?" Elsa asked as she was being dragged away by Charlie.

Charlie replied slowly, "As far as I am concerned, he is not my brother." Fixing his eyes far away, he continued, "He is more like a friend to me."

"What's the difference?" Elsa asked, with a smile on her lips.

Charlie laughed, "Yeah, not much." But the truth was that there were many differences between them. Sean was indebted to Charlie's father. So, unlike Charlie or Evelyn, he tried hard to prove that he was strong enough to be his successor. However, to some degree, his father didn't want Sean to take over this cruel agency. It was so strange that even though Charlie and Evelyn were born in the agency and had lived there for some years, their grandfather and father, who were predecessors of XK, raised them up to be bright and kind children.

But such naive personality didn't suit XK.

As they walked around the camp, Charlie explained about his life in XK, about the mercenary soldier's training, and their accomplishments in the field. He also told her about the love stories in his family. Finally, they came to the exit of XK's Hell Forest. Charlie told Elsa that his grandfather, Richie, had decided to join XK for his grandmother, Shirley, and that Shirley had waited for Richie while she was pregnant. And then he told her that his mother Molly had left his fath

. 'How romantic of Charlie to take Elsa to the place where he had spent his childhood. And here I am. Poor old me...' Evelyn fumed. She was either being left alone at home while Ezra was busy dealing with the lawsuits, or being tortured by him in bed right after he got back from work.

Elsa, on the other hand, was living her dream.

Evelyn was pissed off because Ezra was not being as romantic as Charlie. She typed angrily on her keyboard and led some low-level players to kill the big boss.

The moment the boss fell dead, the low-level players began applauding and singing her praises. At that moment, Evelyn's phone rang. After asking her team to wait for a minute, she picked up the call without checking who the caller was. She spoke angrily, "Who is this?"

The person at the other end stayed silent for a moment. Then, Addison's voice came through, "Oh no! Who has made our Princess Evelyn so angry? Let me guess... Someone by the name Ezra?" He laughed when she growled slightly into the phone. "Shall I send some of my men to avenge you. How about we disfigure his face so that he can never leave the house and can stay with you forever?"

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