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   Chapter 1237 Extra Story 127 Of Charlie Love Required Effort

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It was four in the noon when they arrived at Mpumalanga in South Africa. It was early autumn and the ground was covered by the many fallen leaves. Every time a car passed by, the leaves on the road would take flight, as if trying to reach for the sky once again.

"It's so beautiful..." said Elsa. The pleasant scenery was impressive, but she also loved how peaceful and quiet the place was. She had never felt this kind of tranquility before.

Charlie was driving slowly across the beautiful country. He turned his head sideways to take a glimpse at Elsa. A smile appeared on his face. He wanted her to see everything that he had experienced in his childhood. Even though he would not be taking over XK intelligence Agency in the future, it was his desire to give her the Soul of K which symbolized that they belonged to each other forever. His dad had given it to his mom before marrying her. And he wanted to do the same for Elsa.

Charlie drove through the shady roads at a normal speed, while Elsa stayed silent along the way, enjoying the peace that she had never felt in the city.

She looked around and then suddenly straightened up in her seat.

"Something wrong?" Charlie asked, concerned by her sudden movement.

Elsa was still looking around the area, as if she was searching for something. She said nervously, "Don't you feel that? The air… it seems...denser." She looked frightened. "Something is different."

Charlie was amused. Elsa was after all a commoner; she wouldn't have been able to identify the aura of death surrounding them. But she did feel the immense pressure.

As the car turned a corner, Charlie said, "We are here. The XK training base camp."

Elsa had already bombarded him with a lot of questions on the plane about the XK Intelligence Agency. Although Charlie had earlier told her a little about it, she was still full of curiosity about the agency which was completely unknown to the common people, yet attracted the attention of forces from all countries.

Elsa scanned the area as they were slowly edged towards the base camp. Mercenary soldiers stood at the front gate with firearms. When the car reached close to the gate, it opened automatically, and the soldiers saluted them with absolutely no expressions on their grim faces. Elsa felt like she was i

own calm demeanor. Her life was no longer simple or normal as it used to be. It had only been about half a month since she had gotten to know all about XK after her engagement, but she was surprisingly doing okay with all the information. She was part of the Long Family now and this was Charlie's life. She was now a part of it too.

Sean smiled at Elsa. "Nice to meet you. I am Sean, Charlie's brother," he said, reaching out his hand to Elsa with a big smile.

As Elsa reached out to shake hands with him, Charlie dragged back her hand and stood next to her. He glared at Sean and said, "All right, you can leave now."

Elsa was speechless. Feeling a little embarrassed, she said to Sean, "Nice to meet you too, I am Elsa. Did you just say that you are Charlie's brother?"

Sean snickered. He already liked this little girl. She was scared, yet still curious enough to ask him questions. 'No wonder Charlie had been fond of her since his childhood, ' he thought. "Sort of," he answered with a grin. Elsa looked confused. Sean smiled and explained, "I was adopted by Mr. Brian Long."

"Okay! Don't talk to him, and don't make any deals with him. He is a freaking demon and he will demand your soul in return for favors," Charlie told Elsa in an annoyed tone. He then quickly dragged her out of the house, without allowing her to continue her conversation with Sean. As he walked out, Charlie turned around and said to Sean, "I am taking her for a walk around the camp. You go buy us some food, we are having barbecue tonight."

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