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   Chapter 1236 Extra Story 126 Of Charlie Target

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Hearing that, Eric frowned slightly. Even though Charlie didn't speak out everything that he was thinking about, Eric knew that he wanted to make Dragon an indispensable subsidiary of the Dragon Empire Group. If that happens, Dragon's position would be enhanced greatly, considering that it was now only in the grey zone, as if it would be abandoned by Dragon Empire Group or purchased by another company at any time.

"I will not provide any technical support," carelessly, Eric said in a plain tone.

"That's unnecessary," not affected by what he had said, Charlie said with great self-confidence on his face. "What I need is only your approval, not technical assistance." While saying, Charlie opened the folder in his hands, took two printed approval applications out of it, and handed the applications to Eric.

Seeing that, Eric burst into laughter. "It is premeditated."

"If you think so, I won't deny," smiling a little, Charlie said with a shrug.

Reaching for the letters, seriously and carefully, Eric read the program plan made by Charlie. At present, all the fields of business of the Dragon Empire Group had peaked. It was difficult to break through considering the current financial situation of the country's economy. If Charlie could make things different from the aspect of mobile games, Eric would be pleased to support him.

With these thoughts in his mind, he signed his name on the approval applications. Immediately, the cellphone department of Dragon Empire Group had one more competitor—Charlie, a talent in computer and technology. For the time being, they still didn't know that the competition between the two parties would bring another peak to the Dragon Empire Group.

After obtaining what he wanted, Charlie said with a smile, "Lest Evelyn and I have the positions only, I can't do the job for the time being. If I succeed in the development of the new cellphone brand as well as the mobile game, I won't mind going back to fight against Addison for the position of being the Ruler. You'd better not worry if that happens."

Hearing that, Eric smiled with a relaxed face. "You will not be able to take the position from him!" he declared.

"Why is that so?" with the corners of his mouth twitched, Charlie asked in confusion.

"You always do things at your own will, so you can't bear with the working style of the National Congress. There are meetings every day and a lot of responsibilities."

"But you were also once like that, uncle."

"You only specialize in a few fields. If a task in the aspect of computers or games will be given to you, I believe that you will manage to settle it even by staying up all night. But if you need to read a thick stack of files every day and deal with all these hassles and problems, do you think you can d

ll this time she had thought that Charlie was as elegant as a prince. However, looking at him this time and after everything he had said, he looked like a rogue at the moment. He was as evil as the Charlie in her memory, who had always played tricks on her in their childhood.

Looking at the expressions on her face, Charlie knew what Elsa was thinking about, but he didn't mind at all. In his opinion, it was just right and proper for a man to express his love for both her spirit and body frankly to the woman he loved. Besides, every word he uttered was the truth. He had waited long for this moment to be with Elsa and have her entirely for himself.

The airplane slid across the sky smoothly and peacefully. Gradually, it was getting dark and gloomy outside the window. Charlie fixed his eyes on Elsa, who was sleeping as tight as an infant. A soft and pampering smile played at the corners of his mouth. He took a blanket from aside and covered Elsa with it gently.

He watched over her as Elsa slept seriously. In order not to disturb her, he folded his computer and even turned off the small spotlight on the seat. Stretching himself out, he sat there quietly, with his one arm on the armrest of the seat and the other supporting his chin. In such a gesture, he was lost in thought.

At that somber moment, the only question he had to think about was how to give Elsa a special and unforgettable trip after the engagement ceremony. He wondered what girls, especially girls of Elsa's type, liked or wanted to obtain. Maybe he not only had to think about it for the time being but also had to think about it all his life.

As several thoughts popped up his mind, Charlie couldn't help but draw a satisfied smile on his lips. Turning over to glance at Elsa's angelic face, he lowered his head to give her a long and reassuring kiss on the forehead.

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