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   Chapter 1235 Extra Story 125 Of Charlie Target

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If he still didn't satisfy her when she had required him to do so, she might treat him differently after being refused. She might presume that there would be something wrong with either his sexual ability or his brain. But judging from the look of it, since both his ability and his brain were sound, he decided to have her immediately as she required. All these thoughts ran in his mind in an instant and dismissed all the hesitation he had earlier. Again, he pressed Evelyn against the table. Then he picked up a pistol from aside and threw it towards a camera nearby. As a crashing sound came through, the camera was broken.

"Wait a minute!" feeling his heart beat faster, Evelyn said all of a sudden. Hearing that, Ezra stopped what he was doing abruptly. In confusion, he looked at her. She said, "Let's forget it. It would be too fast." After taking a pause, she continued, "Mom said that a good girl must prevent herself from being laid by a man before marriage. Hum, I think she is right. I want to be a good girl." While saying that, she pushed Ezra away, totally ignoring the small bump at the crotch of his trousers, where it looked a bit wet.

With a bitter smile on his lips, Ezra leaned against the table. Not able to get away right now, lest he would be embarrassed in front of Evelyn with his erection. He could do nothing but wait for a while. Helplessly, he said, "Was that said by your mom or yourself? Evelyn Long? How could you do this to me? Maybe I owed you something in my previous life but please, I can't afford to be tortured by you every day."

Hearing that, Evelyn turned her head around with a smile. With an innocent look on her face, she blinked and said, "Ezra Zhou, you have to pay back what you owe sooner or later. Aha!"

"What do you mean?" Confused, Ezra was speechless while holding on to his crotch that was pressed by the table. Trying hard to restrain his urges, he could no longer say anything and just tried to calm himself down.

Watching Evelyn leave, Ezra couldn't help but laugh at how she made a fool out of him.

Throughout the week, the concurrent engagements of the twins of the Long Family became the top news. The headlines in the newspapers, television and all other kinds of media all seemed to be occupied by the Long Family. The news about the engagements of the twins was even cove

s brows, Eric uttered the words in the form of a question, but obviously, he was certain of the answer.

"Hmm," Charlie answered, sitting down opposite to Eric. "I want to talk with you about the mobile game we've planned to release online."

"I have read the report. You want to cooperate with a popular cellphone brand rather than implanting it into the cellphone produced by Dragon Empire Group." Putting his self into Charlie's shoes, Eric could clearly understand why Charlie had such an idea. The cellphone series developed by Dragon Empire Group were all applicable to high-end users. Even if there were many game players among such high-end users, they would never have a larger number of players than ordinary students. If the mobile game was implanted into the cellphone under Dragon Empire Group, its development would be impeded. "If Dragon Empire Group only serves as a second choice, do you know how much pressure from public opinion you're going to face?" Eric asked.

That question was exactly the reason why Charlie came to Eric. Raising his brows, Charlie answered, "I would only take responsibility for affairs related to Dragon, while everything else is the business of you and Addison. Don't you think so, uncle?" After taking a short pause, he continued with a topic not covered in the report, "I'm planning to develop a cellphone brand targeting students and young people. If all went well and let's say you agree with my proposal, I would decide to postpone the release of the mobiles game until the cellphone brand has been released."

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