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   Chapter 1234 Extra Story 124 Of Charlie Target

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Poised with a stern, steady, and confident look, Evelyn took a deep breath as she looked upon the firing equipment laid in front of her. After putting on a shooting shockproof headset, picking up a pistol and filling it with blank ammunition, Evelyn pressed the ready button. Maneuvering all of this in a quick and skilled manner, she was now ready to commence with the drill. As she pressed the ready button, a voice came through saying, "25 moving targets are ready. Please start on my cue. Ready? Set and Go!"

With the cue, bullets were shot in succession, creating continuous loud sounds. Without knowing where the next moving target would appear, Evelyn was able to hit an important spot in every target, such as the chest, the forehead, or the throat. It could be seen that she was a crack shooter who was able to hit targets quickly, precisely, and decisively.

"Bravo..." just a few inches behind the spectator's area, Ezra sighed with praises for Evelyn when she finished the last shot. While shaking his head in awe, he could not help but clap his hands for her excellent marksmanship. In an admiring tone, he said, "Like father like daughter. There is no such laggard among the children of your extremely capable father. Although you haven't been trained formally, you can still manage to hit every target precisely."

Hearing Ezra's praise, Evelyn raised her chin complacently and blew away the smoke from the gunpoint of the pistol. The expectation was apparent on her face, which was the reflection of the thoughts in her mind. She thought, 'Let's wait and see how I will torture you. You can expect that from me. Do you think you could get your hands on me so easily? I will live in vain if I won't torture you all my life.'

"It's your turn," extending the gun towards him, Evelyn said as calmly as she could, hinting Ezra with her eyes to prepare for shooting. She was trying her best to refrain from celebrating her victory too early.

Intending to impress her, Ezra in return didn't show any sign of hesitation. He prepared for shooting hastily. Maybe he didn't act as simply and competently as Evelyn did, but his every move showed a highly professional standard.

As an expert i

different women he met from day to day. Maybe he wanted to flirt with them, but he dared not. He was afraid that any member of the Long Family would know about that if he did. In such a case, Evelyn would cry and scream and the men of Long Family would cut off his penis as a punishment.

Thus, he would give up only by thinking of such a possibility. As a result, to restrain his desire, he always had to take a cold shower. As a man, he had done his best to do his part for his relationship with Evelyn.

Now, however, he was suffering from his action. He had meant to kiss Evelyn as a reward for winning the bet against her, but he hadn't expected that the kiss would result in his burning desire. They were in the field and they had booked the whole shooting range for themselves so that they could have some private time together, but there were cameras everywhere. He didn't want anybody else to peep at his privacy, and considering Evelyn too.

He had tried hard to stop his desire, but he hadn't expected that Evelyn would say that she wanted to have him. In his opinion, she might have been misled by Bess, as well as sex novels and blue movies. Being caught in such an awkward situation, Ezra was confused as to what he would do. Inside his heart and with all the bodily lusts he was feeling right now, he wanted to make it up to Evelyn knowing that she wanted it too. But in his head, he was thinking about the consequences of what they were about to do.

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