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   Chapter 1233 Extra Story 123 Of Charlie First Intimacy

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He activated the automatic navigation system and grabbed Elsa's hand, leading her to the deck of the yacht.

The soft rays of the sun hit the sea, making the water sparkle. It seemed like millions of tiny mirror fragments were laid out there, spread throughout the ocean. Elsa had never seen such a beautiful scenery before, not even in Moonlight Island or T City. She had only simply played on the beach, but had never ventured into the sea like this. It was so peaceful out there, in the middle of the ocean.

All of a sudden, she screamed out loud. Her eyes widened when she spotted a dolphin leaping out of the sea surface.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh my God! Charlie! Charlie! Look! It's a dolphin! It's a dolphin!" Elsa could not contain her happiness. Her heart was full of color now, ever since Charlie had come into her life. Unexpected surprises awaited her around every corner, every day.

Charlie leaned onto the rail, enjoying the sight of the dolphin's playful jumps with a tender smile on his lips. He turned to Elsa, who was still gleaming. "Do you like it?"

"Yes!" Elsa nodded enthusiastically. She then turned to Charlie and put her head against his shoulder.

The soft rays brightened his handsome face, and Charlie looked like a prince from the ancient Greek mythology. He looked so striking and she couldn't help touching

him gently. His eyes darkened and his look was so hot that it could have melted her heart. She raised her hand slowly and touched his eyebrows, his long eyelashes, his perfect nose... And his soft lips.

The slightest touch made her heart beat so fast that she thought it might jump out of her throat any second. She stared into his eyes, which were already devouring her. He couldn't hold back anymore. Charlie wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her into his arm.

In an instant, he claimed her lips and kissed her passionately. His tongue traced her soft lips, coaxing her to open up, and she joined him as they explored each other. She felt like she was traveling under the blue ocean. It was calm, but also sensual. She felt so comfortable in his arms that she forgot all about the flow of time and just indulged herself in his world.

Elsa anticipated what would happen next. She wanted to push Charlie away, instead, she fastened her arms around his neck. It was an invitation.

"Can I?" Charlie asked, his eyes full of lust, trying to control the fire burning inside him.

Elsa's face was as red as the tomato, and she looked down shyly. She saw the bulge in his pants and touched it, without realizing what she was doing to him. A low growl escaped his throat as she cupped his hard organ.

He clenched his teeth and said in a whisper, "I'll take that as an invitation."

"Hm?" Elsa asked, puzzled. Charlie's lips crashed on hers again, this time hard and demanding. She felt his every touch, all over her body and she began to enjoy the excitement he brought to her. He tore away her clothes and removed his own. He laid her down on the deck and entered her without warning.

"Aargh!" Elsa screamed in

iversity town, which not only made Evelyn's dream of eating this amazing food anywhere she went true, but he also had a new side business along with his job of being a highly-paid lawyer.

He never had to worry about Evelyn's hunger or lack of yummy snacks.

"I wonder if the press conference is done," Evelyn said to him with a wide smile, rubbing her full stomach. "I'm so done. Let's do something to help with the digestion."

Ezra grinned and asked, "What do you suggest we do?"

"I heard that a new outdoor shooting range has been opened in T City," Evelyn said with a wicked smile. "The loser will grant one wish to the winner."

Ezra screamed in his head, 'Why do I love this woman? Why? Why?'

"That's not fair," Ezra said, pouting. "You grew up in XK Intelligence Agency. You were born an expert. I have never shot anything in my life. I am doomed to lose." He sighed, acting like he had already lost the game.

Evelyn thought about it for a second and said, "How about I let you win in the first half?" But she would still have an advantage over him, so she generously said, "How about I let you win eight shots out of ten?"

"I'm a man with immense pride. You're embarrassing me," Ezra said, feeling way too humiliated by her offer.

Evelyn frowned and asked, "What do you want to do now? Do you want to go or not?" Evelyn was just making fun of him. The real reason she wanted to go there was just to take a look at the shooting range. The range would be closed at night anyway. They would be going back to Dragon Island the next day, so she just wanted to take a tour of the place.

"Fine! Let's go," Ezra declared, his pride not allowing him to back down from a challenge. "Could you just give me more chances to win in the first half?"

"Deal!" Evelyn replied with a grin. She pulled Ezra's hand and walked towards their car. She didn't notice the evil smile on Ezra's lips.

'Wait and watch, darling. I will beat you and make you grant a wish of mine. If I can't win, I will take your surname, '

Ezra decided.

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