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   Chapter 1232 Extra Story 122 Of Charlie First Intimacy

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Allen continued staring at the screen which showed the news about the twins' engagement, completely disregarding George. His eyes turned indifferent and he was filled with a thirst for blood. He turned to George, who was walking towards him. "George, do you think I can win her back?"

Bam! George's reply to Allen was a heavy punch to his face. It was such a powerful blow that Allen fell to the ground from the impact. George said solemnly, "Wake up, Allen. You will never be able to compete with the Long Family, and neither can I."

He didn't mean to disdain him. He only wanted Allen to see and accept the truth. The Long Family played an influential role both in business and politics. It would be impossible for Allen to fight them. They were on a completely different level.

Allen struggled to get up, wiped off the blood on his lips. He gazed at the blood on his hand. Then he just walked away without bothering to look at George.

George was pissed off by Allen's dispirited face. He could do nothing but watch him disappear into the crowd. George got into his car and drove away with a grim face.

'If he is determined to go to hell, nobody can stop him.

As Allen's friend and schoolmate, I have tried everything in my power to stop him. What else can I do if he has already made up his mind?'

George sighed in defeat. He stepped on the accelerator and sped down the highway.


After the engagement ceremony, the guests were showed to 'The Garden In The Air' on the top-most floor for dinner. But Charlie and the other three were surrounded by a bunch of journalists, with continuously flashing cameras. Elsa was starting to get nervous and didn't know how to react or respond to the journalists. She hid inside Charlie's arms and watched them barrage the twins with questions.

Charlie sensed how uncomfortable Elsa was. He turned to the journalists at once and said, "There will be a press conference after dinner. You can ask questions then." With a smile, he added, "Please do enjoy the buffet we've prepared for you. The conference will be held in two hours."

The journalists were surprised and excited about the announcement. They kept their eyes on the two couples even as they were led to the restaurant for dinner, expecting their scoops.

ckground of the sea. She was so excited that she couldn't help screaming out.

"Charlie, Charlie! Are we going to Dragon Island on this?" Elsa asked, pointing to the yacht.

Charlie laughed, nodding. He held out his hand to Elsa as they boarded the yacht and said, "The scenery in this sea between T City and Dragon Island is amazing. Besides, it's very quiet since it's privately owned by our family." He led Elsa to the cockpit. "If you're lucky, you might get to see dolphins," he said.

"Really?" Her eyes sparkled with excitement. When Charlie nodded, she gasped joyfully and jumped up and down before wrapping her arms around his neck. She got so carried away that she even had the guts to kiss him on his cheek.

Charlie's eyes darkened at the touch of her lips on his skin. As a man in his early twenties with raging hormones, Charlie had a hard time controlling himself when he was being held so tightly by his girl. Last time, when he had taken Elsa to the Moonlight Island, he had slept in a separate room on purpose and had cold showers at night to ease his pain. At the time, he was afraid that he would lose control and have sex with her. He didn't want to put her in a situation like that when they were still in an uncertain relationship.

But the circumstances were different now. They were engaged. He and Elsa would definitely get married soon. She belonged to him, even though they didn't hold a wedding ceremony yet. At this point, there was no way he could control his urges. He wanted her.

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