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   Chapter 1231 Extra Story 121 Of Charlie The Twins' Engagement

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Elsa shook her head. "Why?"

"Because that city is their home." Charlie ran his sleek finger down her nose. "They have families in that city, loved ones and friends... So, it's beloved to them."

Elsa blinked, trying to understand the implications behind his words.

As they sat gazing at each other, the pilot announced that they were about to land, and the fasten seat-belt sign came on. As Elsa silently pondered over his words, the plane landed at the international airport of the Dragon Island.

When the cabin door opened, a soft sea wind blew in and the sun shone gently on them. All of them were familiar with the Dragon Island, except for Elsa. It was her first trip to the island.

They got off the plane and Elsa looked around the airport curiously. They got into a waiting sports car. Elsa looked out through the window. Lush trees were everywhere. It was clean and tidy all around as if it had been washed clean. Skyscrapers stood in rows, one after the other. It was a bustling international city, but the people were pretty quiet.

"It's more beautiful than in the pictures!" Elsa said, awed by its beauty.

A smile appeared on Charlie's lips. "That's because pictures have no life."

Elsa nodded and looked around. Everything in the city aroused her interest.

The car zoomed through the center of the city from the airport, and then into an avenue by the central plaza. It was very quiet now, away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. Elsa felt as if they had passed back through time.

The birds and insects were singing along the way. At the end of the road, their cars slowed down in front of a giant iron gate. It was opened slowly with a metallic roar, and guards near the gate bowed to them.

Even though Elsa had heard about the Long Family, she was still surprised by all this. Everything was very royal here, like the ancient times. She felt like she had gone back to the Middle Age.

When the cars came to a halt, attendants in black suits opened the car doors for them. Elsa was awed by the gesture, but the others took it for granted.

"Charlie... The engagement is tomorrow. Why are we here today?" Elsa asked timidly, looking around her.

"The children of the Long Family are required to go back to the Long Family Mansion once they are engaged," said Charlie. "We need to be honored. However, at the moment, Evelyn and I are not truly from the Long Family. So, we'll have to go to the Dragon Island National Congress after the engagement."

Elsa had heard about it from Charlie previously, but she had only vaguely understood it at that time. Now that she was finally on this island with such a long history

," Molly exclaimed smiling at her children and their loved ones. "I have watched Ezra grow up since he was an infant. I am so happy that he is now a member of our family."

Elsa stood up on her tiptoes to peck Charlie on his lips. Blushing with a smile, she raised her head to look at him in the eye. He was smiling down at her warmly. "This is my mark! You belong to me now," she said, grinning from ear to ear.

The ceremony was filled with laughter and happiness. The constant flash of the cameras made the whole venue shine bright.

The more Molly looked at Elsa, the more she liked her. She liked Elsa because she was a little shy, but still expressed her love bravely. She wondered if she could ever be as brave as Elsa or Evelyn. Could she have avoided all those misunderstandings with Brian if she had been a little braver?

The past was nothing but a memory now. Even though such a long time had passed, she still felt the hurt sometimes. But now, the pain and the happiness were all part of her precious memories.


Allen stood on the street and stared at the big screen. He saw Elsa kissing Charlie with so much love in her eyes. Her words were like a knife to his already wounded heart.

'She is mine. Elsa belongs to me! If it wasn't for Charlie, Elsa would never have left me, the Shen Family would not have ended up like this and I would not have been kicked out of my own family.

He is the reason for all this. Charlie Long!'

Allen glowered at Charlie's smile. He wanted to kill him and cut him into pieces. His eyes were filled with anger and darkness which had taken over his soul.

There was a sharp sound of screeching brakes. George stopped his car and got off. Taking a quick look at the screen, he shouted, "Allen, are you okay?"


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