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   Chapter 1230 Extra Story 120 Of Charlie The Twins' Engagement

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7661

Updated: 2019-08-26 00:13

Elsa felt like she was in a dream as she stood on the school playground, taking in the familiar scent of the location. When she had been dumped by Allen, her prince had scooped in to save her from the abyss.

This prince was the person she used to hate most, and yet she had fallen for his crazy love traps. His love pushed her into a whirlwind with no way out, and she had no intention of escaping from it, either. She had fallen deeply in love with him. She jumped willingly into the tornado with him.

A lot of incredulous things happened in the last term. Elsa recalled them one by one and she knew that this was destiny playing its hand. She met Charlie all those years ago when they were children, but they were separated from each other. Was fate testing them, to see if they would get back together if they met again?

A curve formed on her lips. Elsa and Charlie had passed all those obstacles. And they were here now together. This was her forever. He was her forever.

Elsa laughed so joyfully that her eyes curved into a crescent shape. She glanced at the man walking towards her, wearing a white T-shirt and khaki pants. Happiness spread across her face.

The soft rays of the sun fell on Charlie's wheat skin, making him glow a golden color. He was so handsome, so catchy to the eye.

"I guessed you might be here." He stood in front of Elsa with his hands in his pockets. He rested his deep gaze on Elsa's smiling face and he asked with a grin, "Are you happy secretly?"

"Not really," Elsa smiled exuberantly. "I was just thinking, Charlie, what good deed you had done in your past life to have someone as amazing as me in this one." She winked and then laughed out loud when she saw his smirk. She had become totally shameless after being with Evelyn for so long.

"Hmm, I guess I must have done something right," Charlie said, his voice gentle. His eyes glowed with so much love for her.

Elsa drowned in his eyes. Every time Charlie stared at her like that, she believed that no one else in the world could compare to this man in front of her. She knew that his love for her was abundant—so vast that she could never measure it.

"Let's go." Charlie took her hand gently in his. "Evelyn and Ezra have left already. We'll meet them at the airport."


was gaping at Ezra's phone in shock. She stared at all those pictures, and heard her dream bubble pop.

"What the hell? These pictures are completely different from those in the brochure!" Elsa pouted. "It looks like a landfill. And the lakes are so dirty." She was disappointed by the reality that struck her.

"The brochure aims at attracting tourists. If the pictures weren't beautiful, would you have wanted to go there?" Charlie asked as he continued to test the mobile game.

Elsa looked at Charlie sympathetically. "No wonder you don't like going back to the Dragon Island."

Charlie grinned and said, "The Dragon Island is indeed different from those pictures in the brochure. But trust me, you won't be disappointed."

"Are you sure?" Elsa asked, her voice full of doubts now.

Charlie just smiled. After he was done with the game, he turned towards Elsa who was now browsing through a magazine. He gently took her hand and said, "We'll be there soon." She stared into his attractive eyes. They were exuding an incredibly powerful aura, even though Charlie was still young. He said, "You should see the world and its people with your own eyes to know the truth. That doesn't mean that everything you see is the truth. You should learn to understand and identify the truth in your heart." He paused, waiting for her to take in his words. When she nodded hesitantly, he continued, "Elsa, even if S City looks like a landfill to us, it still is the most beautiful place for the people there. Do you know why?"

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