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   Chapter 1229 Extra Story 119 Of Charlie Engage

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After he had sent his message, Charlie turned to the Spouse channel and typed a question to Elsa: Haven't you talked to your parents?

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Not yet... They are annoying and kept asking me about what happened when we were kids. How can I remember that clearly?

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: You don't remember?

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Do you hope that I can remember?

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: There are bad memories, but I don't hope that you forget what happened between you and me... .

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: I can't remember anything...

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Will you really neglect Dangerous' business?

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: Anyone can join Evelyn, Ezra, Evan and Bess to form a team of five, and they will be the most powerful team, which can't lose... Moreover, I want them to lose.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Why?

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: I will tell you if you kiss me...

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: ...

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Then I don't want to know.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: ...

Charlie had noticed that recently Elsa had become more clever. He wondered if she'd learned it from Evelyn or by herself, but either way, Elsa seemed to know more about how to play him and get the most from him, such as wanting to know what he was thinking about but not asking him outright.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: My mom is calling me. I have to go... Go to bed early, good boy! Elsa also added a Hug emoji after that.

Charlie almost spat to the screen. He rolled his eyes as Elsa had never talked to him in that way. He knew that he might live in misery in the future, with her playing around with his emotions like that.

Rather than his sister, however, it was his mother that had given Elsa these tips and tricks; his mother had always been eager to see him get married, so she had sent Elsa a long email outlining all of Charlie's weaknesses and habits as well as efficient ways on how to deal with him.

Elsa smiled and looked at the suspension points Silent Sorrow had sent in the end. Then she lay on the bed joyfully and murmured, "What his mother told me is useful... A mother knows best about her son..."

She looked up at the ceiling and let her mind wander. After a while, she began to feel sleepy and closed her eyes. Soon, she was fast asleep, breathing softly and peacefully.

That night, she had a dream and in that dream, her and Charlie's wedding was happening on the beach full of purple flowers and fluorescent cuttlefish. When they were exchanging rings, suddenly, Allen and Rita appeared and forced them to separate, each of them draggi

no way."

"..." Charlie pursed his lips in annoyance. "Can't you pretend to be ignorant for once?"

"No." Evelyn leaned against the seat back and laughed. "I am not happy, and you have to be unhappy, too... We are twins, so we need to share the hardship." As she spoke, she trembled visibly.

Elsa was listening to their conversation but didn't understand. "Can I ask... What are you talking about now?"

"Elsa, I'll tell you..." Evelyn sat upright suddenly. "He plans to elope with you after exchanging engagement rings."

"We are engaged then, so it is not eloping... OK?" Charlie frowned, not really knowing what to do to his sister who liked to cause trouble.

"Ah, anyway, you will run away..."

"Why will we run away?" Elsa was puzzled.

"..." Evelyn rolled her eyes speechlessly and then asked, "Do you like to be surrounded by a lot of reporters? You will face the cameras and microphones to answer all kinds of questions with cutting remarks."

Elsa immediately started shaking her head. "No."

"Exactly." Evelyn leaned back against the car seat again. "So, Charlie prepares to run away with you, and then I will be the focus... which I would never want."

"Why is it so troublesome to be engaged to you?" Elsa looked sad. "Will everyone know about it then?"

"Don't worry..." Evelyn said seriously before Charlie answered. When Elsa calmed down a bit, Evelyn added, "It will be surely the headline, and all people in the world will know that immediately."

Charlie curled his lips. "Evelyn, actually... Before everything happens, it's no need to explain so clearly..." As he spoke, he glanced at the depressed Elsa and howled, 'Evelyn, you are so capable to share the difficulty with me.'.

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