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   Chapter 1228 Extra Story 118 Of Charlie Engage

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Molly felt happy as she listened to Charlie explaining what was going on. There would be no doubt that she would be very happy when both children decided to get married. She would ask Ximena to design the engagement dresses for the two girls. Even if it was just the engagement, both her daughter and daughter-in-law would be the most beautiful ladies.


Molly laughed inwardly. Brian shook his head as he thought that his wife was too eager to see the children get married. Didn't she get that Charlie and Evelyn were only twenty-two years old?

At dinner, Evelyn and Ezra fought with each other, and Brian asked Charlie about what happened in Dragon. However, Evelyn who used to forget all her problems at the sight of food, didn't want to eat anything because she was so mad at Ezra.

She returned to her room after dinner. Fortunately the hotel had very good sound-proofing technology. Otherwise, the other hotel guests would have heard her slamming the door with a deafening sound.

Brian wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and his eyes darkened.

Ezra finally dared move after Evelyn left, fear in his smile. Looking at Brian's long face, Ezra swallowed. "Well... Mr. Long, how about..." When facing Brian, the eloquent Lawyer Zhou, who usually had a ready and quick tongue, started to stutter, "Eh, I... Mr. Long, if there is no problem, I think since Charlie and Evelyn are twins, it will certainly be meaningful if they get engaged together..." He was scared and trembled under the heat of Brian's gaze, but still continued. "In fact... In some aspects, Elsa is similar to Evelyn, heehee..."

"All right, stop frightening Ezra," Molly told her husband, watching the lawyer push his glasses up his nose. It was adorable to see, and she couldn't help but laugh. "It's late now," she spoke again, "go to sleep."

Brian stared at Ezra and then turned to Charlie with a smile on the face. "Deal with the problem of the Shen and Gu families. I don't want to hear anything harmful to our family..." As he said that, he and Molly got up from the table and went to their room.

"Gee..." Ezra was still trembling with fear until the door closed. "Do you think I'm looking for trouble when courting Evelyn?" "I am afraid that I will get beaten up all over when I see yo

l, already full of comments about Dangerous Beauty and Cool Summer, much more lively.

Although there were only a few powerful players in No.1 In The World, it was a matter of dignity. It seemed that it would be a miserable result whether to fight or not.

It would be no problem to lose the Ingot or equipment, but 10% of group contribution might make the loser turn to the second grade from the first, and because of the large distance, it would cost not just money to promote the level.

[System] No.1 In The World accepted the group challenge from Madness Is Good.

[World] Silent Sorrow: I won't take part in this fight.

Charlie typed into the channel as soon as he saw that No.1 In The World had accepted the challenge. His reasoning for not wanting to fight had two points: first, he wanted to consider the opponent's dignity so they wouldn't think that they were forced to agree by his arrogance. Second, his identity was now known and he didn't want to bring about unnecessary trouble.

[World] Little Transparent: Mr. Sorrow is so cool...

At Charlie's response, many players were commenting on the Group channel, flooding the server with numerous messages. It was a weekend, so a lot of players were online and actively taking part in the discussion. Because Rita's and Allen's families were overwhelmingly busy in the real life, unable to deal with the seriousness of the situation, Creepy Group and Candy Group were not so active in the game, so it appeared to be harmonious for now in Dragon.

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