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   Chapter 1226 Extra Story 116 Of Charlie The Visit

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Elsa's father's voice was low.

Charlie saw Elsa pouting pitifully. Without making a sound, he mouthed, "He wants to talk to you."

Elsa read the words from his lips. Soon after, her brows almost met each other as she tried to snatch the phone away from him.

However, Charlie wouldn't give it to her and moved the phone out of her reach. He then said on the phone, "Please forgive me for being rude and not doing as you requested. I don't want Elsa to speak with you right now. If you don't accept my apology over the phone, then I'll apologize again in person the next time we meet. Goodbye!"

Under the intent gaze of Elsa, Charlie hung up the call. Then, without asking for her opinion, he dragged her into the car, fastening the seat belt for her before he started the engine and drove to the city.

Elsa was seething but kept silent in her seat. She turned her head to look out of the window, waiting for Charlie to apologize to her. When he didn't, she became even more furious.

When they reached the university, Elsa took her luggage out and walked towards her dormitory in grave silence.

Charlie merely sat in the car and watched the small angry figure stomp off. With a wicked smile plastered on his face, he took his phone out and dialed a number. In just a few seconds, the call was picked up. Charlie respectfully greeted, "Hello, Mr. Ji."

"Charlie." Elsa's father smiled. "Was I loud enough? Did Elsa hear that?"

"Her phone was on the loudspeaker, and you acted really well. I'm sure she heard you clearly." There was a hint of a smile in Charlie's tone. "But now she's angry."

"It doesn't matter. She'll get over it in just an hour. You don't have to worry about that. However, you still have to talk nicely to her. Do remember to be kind to Elsa."

"Rest assured, Mr. Ji. I won't let her be angry for too long." Charlie gazed at Elsa in the distance with tenderness in his eyes, and he added, "I'm coming to H City to visit you and Mrs. Ji with Elsa on the weekend. If you don't mind, my parents would like to meet you as well."

Elsa's father couldn't control his joy now. He was so glad that Elsa had found her love. Even th

he girls stopped teasing Elsa and jumped up and down excited while they looked at the wrapped presents. They began to unwrap the packages which were full of handcrafted items, specimens of lilac flowers, hair accessories, and perfumes. The girls were exhilarated to receive such beautiful gifts, and even the girls from the other rooms could hear their screams of excitement.

Anna held a bottle of perfume made from the delicate lilac dandelion specimen in her hands. She gazed at the bottle as if the bottle might suddenly fly away just like the dandelion. "Elsa, Moonlight Island must be very beautiful."

"Yes, it's gorgeous." Elsa beamed at her. "Charlie and I made the specimens ourselves. I know you love dandelions, but I couldn't make it. Charlie spent the entire night making it for you."

Anna looked up at Elsa, who continued, "The dandelion would break up and fly away so it was impossible to keep it in the perfume bottle. The one inside that bottle was made from several dandelions. Isn't Charlie just amazing? You can't even tell that it has been pieced together."

Anna was so touched that she suddenly hugged Elsa. "Argh! Elsa, how can you have such a perfect boyfriend? I want to snatch him away from you! I am so envious of you!"

"Go ahead!" Elsa pretended to be generous.

"Wow..." Anna let go of Elsa and put on a scornful look. "You're so cocky, huh? You know Charlie isn't going to give you up for anyone."

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