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   Chapter 1225 Extra Story 115 Of Charlie The Status Of A Boyfriend

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"You sound like you paid for the food," Ezra replied, his tone flat. Despite the table being covered with so much food, he continued, "But do tell me how much of this beef you want to eat. I can buy you a farm and you may eat as many beef as you like every day. Would that be okay? Would you like that?"

"I would like if you wouldn't rub how rich you are in my face," Evelyn mumbled, rolling her eyes as she could not take him anymore. After that, she decided she would no longer talk to Ezra, because so far, she had lost every verbal battle they had. If she went on arguing with him, she would only piss herself off more. And on that good day, she didn't want to do that.

Finding that Evelyn stopped talking to him, Ezra gazed at her in suspicion. When he saw that she was eating happily for a while without even saying a word to him, he could not help but furrow his eyebrows and ask, "What's going on? Are you afraid that you would not be able to outspeak me so you just gave up and decided not to say anything anymore?"

"I would rather save all my energy for eating lovely, delicious food. Thank you very much," Evelyn answered arrogantly, raising her chin as a sign of defiance.

Ezra could never bear her ignoring him. Every time that had happened, he would stand in front of her and block her view just to remind her of his existence. It was childish, but he had to do what he had to do. As a person who knew Ezra quite well, Evelyn knew he would do that, but she would forget all about that every time she was irritated with him.

From the love story between Charlie and Elsa, Evelyn learned that it was always the one with the leading role who would win a fight. Therefore, she had to be the leading one. She must make Ezra understand that he had to do what she wanted him to do, now or in the future.

Immersed in her beautiful fantasy, she didn't realize that things were not going as she dreamt or expected. When she really lived with Ezra later, she found out that it was meaningless to have a man if everything was decided by her. Therefore, Evelyn, who was as domineering as a queen, decided that she would indeed live a life like that of a queen's. She would enjoy her food and blow off steam occasionally.

Of course, all these would happen much later down the line. At that moment, however, there was something extremely urgent, hanging over her head. And that was the engagement that was announced by Addison. The summer vacation would be in one month and clearly, she didn't want to be engaged to Ezra that easily.

If she allowed that to take place, she felt that she would only stand to lose. Ezra had never done anything for Evelyn that was as romantic as what

alling me. What should I do?"

Seeing how worried she looked, Charlie took her cellphone from her hand decisively. When she shouted "What are you doing!", he already picked the call up, saying, "Hello, Mr. Ji..."

There was silence for a while from the other end of the line. Then Elsa's father's voice came through, "Excuse me, who are you? Why is my daughter's cellphone in your hand?"

While escaping from Elsa's reach, as she was trying her hardest to take her cellphone back from Charlie by all means, Charlie answered with a smile and a polite tone, "Good evening, Mr. Ji. I'm Elsa's boyfriend."

"What?!" Obviously, Elsa's father could not believe his ears, so he asked for confirmation, "Who did you say are you?"

"I'm Elsa's boyfriend. Good evening, Mr. Ji. My name is Charlie Long," Charlie answered seriously and politely. "I know it's somewhat offhand to introduce myself to you in this way, but please believe that I'm not kidding..." While speaking on the phone, he grasped Elsa's hand with his other hand. Looking at her with his deep-set eyes, he said, "I'm going to visit you and Mrs. Ji in person next weekend... I'm just doing what I'm doing now only because I want to let Elsa face that I, indeed, am already his boyfriend." With a smile at the corners of his lips, he added, "I believe you know that sometimes your daughter needs to be forced."

On the other end of the line, while listening to Charlie's words, Elsa's father kept pointing at the receiver to Elsa's mother and winking to her every now and again. A bright smile was plastered on his lips, but he pretended to be discontented. "It's not right to say that in behalf of my daughter. First of all, I have to ask my daughter if you're her boyfriend or not. Please let my daughter answer the phone."


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