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   Chapter 1224 Extra Story 114 Of Charlie The Status Of A Boyfriend

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7581

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[Group] Ice Is Water Awake: Legendary Past, could you get in contact with Silent Sorrow right now?

[Group] Legendary Past: No. His cellphone is turned off, so is Elsa's.

[Group] Legendary Past: With Sweet Dream in his embrace, he has forgotten how many sorrows there are in the world. However, I haven't forgotten that he once said that Evelyn would always be the most important woman in his life. He also said that he would never disappoint Evelyn even if he disappoints everyone else... So? What's happening now? A man's promise is just like a fart.

[Group] LOL: ...

[Group] Ice Is Water Awake: ...

[Group] Valiant Life: ...

Verbal fights towards each other soon filled the Group channel. They had totally forgotten about the disturbance created by Creepy Group and Candy Group.

First of all, despite their worries, they believed in Charlie's ability. Second, Dragon had developed into what it was today not by accident. There was something in it that kept and would always keep its players from leaving. If it would collapse solely because of what Creepy Group and Candy Group were doing, maybe Dragon hadn't been that good ever since the beginning.

The result of what Creepy and Candy did turned out to be what the members of Madness Is Good thought. They obtained nothing but infamy. Just that. Also, a lot of their members quit the groups. So who won in the end?

As the old saying went, a bad husband makes a bad wife. It applied to Rita and Allen. Allen had been so concerned about Elsa and had even attempted to get back to her later. However, since Charlie had confessed his love for Elsa in public and revealed his real identity at the Dragon's party, Allen had known that he would never be able to compete with Charlie, much less win Elsa back. Sadly, he could do nothing else but give Elsa up. Meanwhile, all his affections towards Elsa turned into fury and resentment. Later when Evelyn had stolen the spotlight from his engagement to Rita, it irritated him severely that he started looking like he was a time bomb that was about to ignite at any time. Now he had decided that it was time to take his well-deserved revenge.

The first move he did to attack Charlie was to attack his game, Dragon. Slyly, he started motivating the me

not to. Well, of course, he couldn't do that. He could only wonder about it endlessly and fruitlessly. Perhaps it was because in a relationship, the one who loved the other more would be inferior to the other.

Others might hate that, but he liked it to be that way.

Ezra felt very happy and his heart was full.

Gradually, a big smile graced his lips.

"What are you thinking about now?" Evelyn asked, blinking. "You look crafty. As soon as I glance at you, I know that you're thinking about entrapping others. Stop!"

"..." Ezra was speechless again. Sometimes he really didn't know what, or why he liked Evelyn so much. It seemed like she was in a totally different world from him. However, the point that enraged him the most was that he found that she always tried to exclude him from her world.

Pulling himself together but still gritting his teeth, he said, "Yeah, I'm thinking about entrapping somebody. And that somebody is no one but you!"

"..." Now it was Evelyn's turn to become speechless. She was about to bite a cube of beef when she heard what Ezra said. Immediately, the corners of her mouth began visibly twitching. As a result, the beef slid from her mouth and fell on the table. Without caring about her own image as a lady, she looked at it, her eyes full of regret. The sadness in her face would make you think that she lost her pet. After a few moments of that, she started complaining, saying, "Ezra Zhou, you are indeed entrapping me. Compensate me for my fallen food!"

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