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   Chapter 1223 Extra Story 113 Of Charlie The Status Of A Boyfriend

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"What's wrong?" Elsa asked Charlie when she sensed that something was wrong with him. By instinct, she started looking around, as if searching for the culprit. "Did you see anybody you know?" she asked, her voice soothing.

Charlie shook his head. To appease the lady he was with, he smiled at her sweetly and took her soft hands in his, as if to console her. With their boarding passes in his hand, he took Elsa away from A City to Moonlight Island. They chose an ordinary flight instead of going on one of Dragon Empire Group's. Although it didn't mean that they could hide from the people who wanted to know where they were going, it was way better than somebody just knowing it outright without any need of investigating.

This way, Charlie and Elsa were able to spend five days in Moonlight Island free of anyone following them. During the five days that they were there, they traveled around the island, hand in hand, smiles on their lips, and love on their hearts. While Moonlight Island was popular with tourists, the place still hadn't looked overdeveloped. In order to not disturb and protect the natural ecology of the island, the number of tourists they accept daily had been strictly limited.

As a member of the Long Family, of course, Charlie was not necessarily subject to that limitation. On the contrary, he had actually be given access to some places on the island that ordinary people had been prohibited from entering. For example, now, they were enjoying themselves at the garden house.

Elsa was sitting on the swing chair, while Charlie was pushing her gently. It was a nice day out, and Elsa could smell the fresh fragrance of the flowers in the soft breeze that was blowing. Out of nowhere, she suddenly asked Charlie, "Charlie, why do you treat me so well?"

While pushing the swing chair gently, Charlie answered, just as gently, "Well, it's because my heart has been occupied by a little angel since my childhood."

Upon hearing this, a sweet smile started appearing at the corners of Elsa's mouth. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and unconsciously bit her lower lip. Gathering all her courage, she said, "Okay... Who's that little angel, if I may ask?"

"Little Bun!"

"Who's Little Bun?"


At that, Elsa chuckled happily and it resounded all throughout

[Group] Rose In The Field: Yeah, she is taking pleasure in her elder brother's misfortune. I feel like she's laughing like a hyena right now.

[Group] Eat Sleep And Beat Beans: Every time I see the queen act in this way, I feel that I have entered the group by mistake...

[Group] Rose In The Field: Eat Sleep And Beat Beans, why do you have time to go online today?

[Group] Eat Sleep And Beat Beans: Well, Rose In The Field, I was told that Dragon Yelling is a mess right now, so I logged in as quick as I can to check out what's happening.

[Group] Legendary Past: Eat Sleep And Beat Beans, since you've been absent recently, I feel quite boring.

[Group] Eat Sleep And Beat Beans: ...

[Group] Eat Sleep And Beat Beans: I took a translation project recently, so in order to finish that on time, I had to give up Dragon for some time and focus on that. I stayed up late and suddenly felt like I became several years older! The condition of my skin became so bad and I started feeling so bad all the time.

Immediately, the members of Madness Is Good, who had been talking about Dragon Yelling a moment ago, changed their topic of conversation and began casual chatting. Once again, the male members came to a conclusion that they didn't know the world of women at all. 'Why did they change so fast?' Vice versa, the female members didn't know the men's affairs. Soon, the female members, led by Legendary Past, attacked the men with their fierce tongue. As a result, the male members could do nothing but apologize as required.

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