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   Chapter 1222 Extra Story 112 of Charlie Trick

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After Elsa went upstairs, Charlie took his mobile phone out and made a phone call to Evelyn. He told Evelyn that from now on, he would go and live in the villa. He asked her if she wanted to stay at school or live with them in the villa. After thinking things over, Evelyn replied that it would be too troublesome to go back, as she didn't want to disturb his non-marital cohabitation with Elsa. What Evelyn said on the phone made Charlie speechless.

Like Charlie, Elsa was also put in an embarrassing situation. After she went back to her dormitory, she firstly asked Olivia if she was fine. As she put something away and told them that she would go out with Charlie, her roommates wished her good luck one after another. Then, to her surprise, she was elbowed out of the dormitory. 'You were even teasing me together! Huh!' Elsa thought.

In reality, Charlie and Elsa's "cohabiting" life started because of what had unexpectedly happened between them and Quintin. Thinking about what had happened to him the other night, Charlie thought he had been blessed that he was still alive by now. But before he enjoyed this blessing, the joy and excitement deep in his heart were suddenly suppressed by Addison.

Charlie and Elsa entered the villa hand by hand. As they arrived, they saw that Addison was sitting there, reading a newspaper. Upon seeing him, Charlie instinctively retreated, but it was too late, as Addison had detected him.

"Stop him," Addison ordered the servant in a composed voice.

At the same time, Addison had stood upright at the gate. It seemed that he would kick Charlie back into the house if Charlie tried escaping away.

Meanwhile, one thing that Charlie knew for sure was that all men in this Long Family only followed his elder brother's orders. Except for him, all the others meant nothing for the men. Thus, these men wouldn't go easy on him even if he was Addison's younger brother.

Standing sternly, Addison slowly put his newspaper down on a desk bes

ng her by the hand. Addison was left alone on the sofa, smilingly flatly at what he had seen.

"Jay, am I a bad guy to let Charlie hang out with Elsa?" Addison asked, switching his gaze to Jay.

With an insolent tone, Jay replied expressionlessly, "Mr. Addison, you have done that for nothing but the good of Mr. Charlie. One would be too nerve-racking and physically exhausted if he thinks too much about if his love for someone is true or not. Besides, the two of them are already adults, so they have the freedom to do what they want to and they already know what they are doing."

Hearing that, Addison agreed with Jay and thus responded with a smile, "I am just afraid that Charlie would be too pure to do anything to Little Bun. Then, my good intentions for bringing them together would become meaningless."

Not knowing what he meant, Jay didn't say anything. Upon hearing his remarks, however, the sole thought lingering in his mind right now was that Mr. Addison only looked quite humane when he was with Mr. Charlie.

On the other side, Charlie unexpectedly quivered all over, as if it suddenly dawned on him that he had been defrauded by his brother.

Then hundreds of thoughts ran wildly inside his head as to what his brother's reason was for doing that. Charlie was confused and dazed all of a sudden.

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