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   Chapter 1221 Extra Story 111 of Charlie Trick

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Updated: 2019-08-23 15:41

"Charlie, are you ill?" The professor was worried as he saw that Charlie covered his face so tightly with a surgical mask and a cap.

"Yes, professor. I've caught a cold. For fear of infecting others, I wear a surgical mask and a baseball hat," facing the professor this time, Charlie replied elegantly like a gentleman. The professor felt comfortable to listen to him at his show of noble respect towards him.

With his eyebrows knitted, he asked again with concern, "Have you gone to see a doctor? Your illness would become serious if you don't pay much attention to it." "I've just come back from the hospital,"

with a slight bow, Charlie replied smilingly and thankfully. After paus

ct more attention, she was determined to ask for leave by herself in a hurry.

After asking for leave, Elsa grudgingly walked behind Charlie towards the dormitory building. She had to go back to her dormitory first to put something away and take some clothes for her to change. Charlie was not permitted to go up with her, so he just waited downstairs.

On the previous day, he was initially forbidden to enter there too even though some special circumstance occurred to Olivia. With some persuasions, the woman in charge of managing the dormitory building allowed him to enter, considering that Olivia's health was at stake. But today, the dorm keeper wouldn't be convinced so easily.

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