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   Chapter 1220 Extra Story 110 of Charlie Trick

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While Olivia was thinking hard to recall everything that had happened yesterday, Ann, who had been rather sleepy just minutes ago, no longer felt drowsy at this moment. She rose up on her bed, did nothing but slightly incline her head towards the bedside table. While doing that, she squinted and observed Olivia in silence, for fear that Olivia would recall what had happened to her. She didn't feel relieved until she discerned that Olivia seemed to have recalled nothing, judging from the way her eyebrows were furrowed on her forehead.

"Why have I slept for such a long time?" With a confused look on her face, Olivia kept on muttering to herself while climbing off her bed and walking towards the washroom.

After Olivia entered the washroom, Ann picked up her cellphone right away and sent a short message to Elsa and Anna respectively to report Olivia's situation to them.

At that right moment, both Elsa and Anna were attending a class. Upon hearing the soft sound of their mobile phones, the two of them read the messages secretly. In the message, Ann told them that Olivia was fine and had forgotten what had happened on the previous day. Upon knowing this, both of them sighed in relief.

Relieved by the news from Ann, Elsa sent a short message to Charlie. This morning, she received a message from him, telling her that he wouldn't take the breakfast with her with the excuse that he wanted to have more sleep. Furthermore, he also informed her that he had come back to school.

"Olivia is fine, but... Why has she forgotten what occurred last night? Did you brainwash her?" Texting on the phone, Elsa asked Charlie in the message.

At this moment, Charlie was standing in front of a mirror, and his eyebrows were knitted tightly as he saw his face full of bruises after having fought with Quintin. Upon hearing the voice prompt for receiving a short message, he diverted his attention from the mirror. Immediately, he went towards the desk where his cellphone was put and unlocked the screen. Looking at the short message from Elsa, a radiant smile flashed at the corners of his mouth.

"Ouch!" He smiled so brightly from ear to ear that his mouth twitched and the bruises made him shriek in pain. Without wast


"Even if I did that, he would also punish me in the same way. Without the cellphone, I would feel too bored." With a scorned face, Elsa typed back.

"I can accompany you there," feeling sorry for her, Charlie responded to console her.

"You've asked for leave for fear that others would see the bruises on your face. How can you accompany me? Are you joking with me?" Elsa texted him back, not believing what he said.

"If I say it is not a joke, dare you ask for leave too?" Charlie challenged her.

Touched by his show of concern, Elsa smiled upon reading that message, and then replied, "Sure. I will ask for leave too if you come here to be my company before the class is over."

With that, Charlie didn't reply to Elsa's message. Thus, Elsa thought that she might have frightened him. But the fact proved that Elsa's thought was wrong because Charlie showed up in front of her twenty minutes later. Consequently, Charlie wasn't scared by Elsa's request. He had come as he had promised. He couldn't bear failing her and letting her suffer the shame by herself. Although he came wearing a surgical mask and a baseball hat, Elsa was still thankful that he had come. If not standing very close to him, others could hardly see anything weird on his face.

At last, Charlie kept her company before the class was over. When the professor came out to give Elsa another warning, he saw that Charlie was also there. At the sight of him, he even forgot about Elsa and just asked,

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