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   Chapter 1219 Extra Story 109 of Charlie Trick

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Updated: 2019-08-23 00:02

Finishing the beer bottle bottoms up, Quintin opened another bottle of beer and drank it up in one gulp. At this moment, Charlie's words were still lingering in his ears. "Quintin, she hasn't really left you." Deep in his mind, Quintin knew from the bottom of his heart that what Charlie had reminded him was true.

He had registered an account at the user terminal as soon as Charlie started the beta testing of the game. But had he done that for the mere purpose of stirring up troubles against Charlie? Of course, aside from that, Quintin had many other reasons why he created that account.

Seeing that Quintin was crazily drinking, Shaun blurted out with a slight sign, "You've been injured, so don't drink that much. It would be bad for you." After pausing for a split second, he added, "You could stay at my place tonight if you don't mind."

"Yup, anyway, I will feel more comfortable to stay in your place than to stay in a hotel," Quintin replied after swallowing a mouthful of beer. Soon afterward, he took some cash out of his wallet and tossed them on the counter. Then, he left hastily with Shaun.

It had been a little late at night. Their car was whizzing past under the faint street lights as they sped their way across the silent streets. As Quintin looked out of the window at the dim lights, a faint smile flashed across the injured corners of his mouth, which made him look a little evil.

"What do you think..." Feeling a little pain in his jaws, Quintin stammered before he finished his words while staring at the night scenery outside through the window. After some more thoughts, he continued, "What do you think Charlie will do if I take Elsa away?"

Shocked at the sudden question, Shaun threw a cold look at Quintin before he kept his eyes off him and looked ahead again. Then, he replied casually, "You will die for doing that!"

His eyebrows knitted a little, Quintin questioned, "Do you think that he can kill me?"

"No, he can't!" Consequently, Shaun gave Quintin a short answer, but soon, he continued, "But, Charlie's father will be the one to put you to death."

Realizing that what Shaun had said was indeed true, Quintin was awed into silence. With a restraint on his emotions, Quintin closely questioned again,

you. Fortunately, the doctor told us that you were not ill at all." As soon as Ann finished her words, she lay down again on her bed and then continued, "I slept so late because of you, but now you are here shouting and yelling even before the dawn breaks. Don't you feel sorry for me?"

Olivia was confused by Ann's words. In reality, she didn't get used to sleeping long, and to be sure, on ordinary days, she couldn't even manage to sleep so long from afternoon to the early morning of the next day. While she was being puzzled a lot by her long sleep, she shifted her attention towards the beds of Elsa and Anna that were now empty. As she saw their quilts were put in order, she guessed that they should have gone for their classes. With that, she mumbled to herself, "I can't believe I've slept for over 10 hours. How ridiculous and inconceivable it is!" With her eyebrows furrowed, she seemed to be still recalling something at the back of her mind.

No matter how hard she tried, however, all she could remember was that yesterday, she asked her professor if she could leave the class because she felt sick. After that, she remembered that she went back to her dormitory. Upon her return to the dormitory, she didn't see anyone there. Then, she went right to her bed and got some sleep. As these memories flashed back in her mind, Olivia felt rather weird and confused as to why her roommates were not at the dormitory yesterday. She remembered clearly that they didn't have any class yesterday.

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