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   Chapter 1218 Extra Story 108 Of Charlie Quiet Misery's Identity

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"Can I come with you?" Elsa asked, her face covered in gloom.

Charlie shook his head and said softly, "Wait for me here. I won't let Quintin hurt you..." Charlie paused and then continued, "Most importantly, Olivia needs you here."

Elsa's eyes brimmed with tears and she nodded. "Please take your cellphone with you."

Charlie laughed. "Didn't you already ask Evelyn to get it for me? Don't worry. Go back to the dormitory. Call me or text me if there's any emergency."

Elsa nodded slowly. "I will. Take care of yourself."

"I'll pick you up for breakfast tomorrow morning. Sound good?" Charlie asked with a warm smile.

Elsa nodded again with a faint smile on her lips. Charlie said his goodbye and signaled her to go back to her dormitory. After he was sure that she was inside and had closed the door, he turned and walked downstairs. After greeting the dorm keeper curtly, he went to Ezra's car parked outside.

Evelyn was waiting with his cell phone in her hand. She told Charlie that she wanted to go with him to find Quintin, but Charlie refused bluntly. He told her that it was between Quintin and him, and that no one else needed to interfere, including her.

Evelyn was a reasonable girl. Although she was worried about Charlie, she knew that it was best to leave it to the men. "Fine. Take care. Promise me..." Evelyn pressed her lips together into a thin line and blinked her big eyes with an innocent look.

Ezra gazed at Evelyn. He realized that the reason why he had fallen in love with this girl was only because of those cute innocent expressions. No one could deny that Evelyn was a tough woman, but sometimes she was so gentle. Ezra broke into a smile seeing her expression at that moment.

Charlie nodded his head, understanding what she meant and then left with Ezra. Evelyn watched the car disappear out of her sight and then went back to the dormitory with a heavy heart.

Bess didn't come back to the dormitory because she had to drive Quintin home. So, Evelyn sat in front of her computer to play Dragon. She had been playing for so long that she had to take an elixir because her blood was running out. Evelyn was annoyed and upset. So, all she wanted to do was kill some time. She didn't use her first-class equipment. Instead, she used the wooden sword that she had picked up from the new players village which she had kept in her armory all this time. With no enthusiasm whatsoever, she fought against the big boss with only the wooden sword. Blood level of the boss sometimes reduced. At other times, a red 'miss' was displayed on the screen.

[Present] Wind: What's wrong with Legendary Past?

[Present] Cherry Blossoms Rain In Paris: It would take several days to kill the big boss if this continues...

[Present] Hibiscus Brother In Law: Alas, now the relationship between all the characters is clear, and there is nothing to gossip about. It's so boring.

[Present] Sister Feng's Ancestor: That's all right. You can just go ahead and establish an abnormal relationship with some player. I bet you can become a celebrity overnight.

[Present] Hibiscus Brother In L

words would hurt Quintin or not.

Quintin lowered his eyes in frustration. He grabbed his beer, and drank it all in one breath. "If she hadn't met me at that time, she would have been in big trouble," Quintin explained, glaring at Charlie.

"That's true, Charlie," Shaun said. "Someone pretended to be Quiet Misery and used it as an excuse to ask Olivia out. It's such a coincidence that Quintin was there when she arrived, or Olivia would have been in real danger."

"I will investigate that." Charlie took a sip of his beer. As the liquor touched the wound on his mouth, he gasped in pain. "When are you planning to leave?"

"After I'm done laughing at you," Quintin answered smugly.

Charlie had been trying so hard to calm down his anger. But he was irritated once again. "Do you want to fight again?"

Quintin sneered, "Which one of us do you think is stronger, huh?"

"Shall we make sure?"

"Yeah, let's."

"Stop it! No more fighting!" Shaun said, then he looked at Charlie with a grim face. Shaun knew Quintin very well. Even if Charlie defeated Quintin, he would have a tough time with Quintin.

Charlie did not say anything more, nor did Quintin. They drank quietly.

Men could also be vulnerable creatures. Quintin was trained to be a killing machine. He wanted to find out who had killed his master. Although he was very hurt, he still pretended to be strong to cover up his fragility. Fighting with Charlie was just one way for him to vent his anger.

Charlie knew that, of course. That's why he tried hard to stay calm. He had always been a very patient person, but somehow, he would always lose control every time he met Quintin.

Charlie drank the rest of his beer and stood up. "I'm going back to school. If you really love her, then show her that you are sincere." With that, he turned around and walked to the exit. Just as he reached the door, he paused and said slowly, "Quintin, she hasn't really left you." Then he opened the glass door and walked out the bar, leaving Shaun and Quintin behind to decipher the meaning behind his words.

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