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   Chapter 1217 Extra Story 107 Of Charlie Quiet Misery's Identity

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Elsa turned to Evelyn and Ezra with a confused look on her face. "Am I right?"

Ezra narrowed his eyes at her, and then turned to Anna and Ann. "Yes," he answered, nodding. He had never met Quintin before. Shaun had once met him by accident. Judging from what had happened earlier, he roughly deducted that the man must be Quiet Misery.

Anna and Ann exchanged worried glances, and Anna was overcome by guilt and sadness. Charlie had warned Anna that Quiet Misery was not a simple person. However, even though she had been worried, she had not tried her best to prevent Olivia from falling into this relationship. If anything happened to Olivia, Anna could never forgive herself for the rest of her life.

Elsa knitted her eyebrows and her lips thinned into a tight line. She was worried about Olivia, but she was also concerned about Charlie. She kept looking back at the elevator. No one was coming.

Elsa was so restless that Evelyn was dizzy from her movements. She turned to Elsa and comforted her, "Elsa, rest easy. Charlie is fine. And as long as he is fine, you don't have to worry about Olivia. Can you stop fidgeting now? You are making me nervous for no reason as well."

Elsa made an apologetic face, but she couldn't calm down. All of a sudden, it felt like she and Charlie had drifted far apart. He didn't have his cell phone on him, so there was no way for her to contact him.

If Evelyn and Bess hadn't been there, Charlie would have ended up...

Elsa's mind was spinning out of control. She knew that Charlie was a powerful man and would never put himself in danger, but she just couldn't control her rampant thoughts.

'Ding!' the elevator rang as it reached the floor they were at. Elsa sprang up to her feet and fixed her eyes on the elevator door. When the doors opened, she saw Charlie step out with Olivia in his arms. It didn't seem like she was hurt.

Ezra and the girls quickly walked to the elevator.

"Olivia! Olivia!" Elsa and the two girls shouted nervously as they ran to her. Seeing that Olivia was still unconscious, Elsa looked up at Charlie and asked, "Charlie, what's wrong with her?"

Charlie gazed deeply at Elsa. Without answering her, he turned to Ezra and Evelyn and said, "Get the cars."

They nodded and headed towards the garage to bring the cars to t

d so much in common to talk about.

After they got to know each other well, they realized that they had already met when they were kids. However, they were not familiar with each other at that time and their personalities did not match at the time, so they were naturally not interested in making friends.

But after that game, they developed a good relationship. He had also met Quintin's girlfriend, the woman who had played the new role game against him last time in T City. Quintin and his girlfriend were very much in love in the past, but some things were just not in their control. They could never foresee the future.

While Charlie was still lost in his thoughts, the car entered the campus. Private cars weren't allowed inside the dormitory area, so Charlie had to get out and carry Olivia to the dormitory building.

After putting Olivia to bed, Charlie warned them once again not to tell Olivia about what had happened that day, and that they must pretend like nothing was wrong. Saying that much, he turned around and left their room.

"Charlie!" Elsa called, chasing after him.

Charlie stopped and looked at Elsa with a faint smile on his lips. He saw her lips quiver as if she was trying to say something, but she didn't. He patted on her head gently and said, "It's all right. There are many people around me now, and there's no threat for Olivia. It's all okay now." Seeing that Elsa was still worried, he laughed and comforted her, "I'll explain everything about Quintin and Quiet Misery when I get back. Okay?"

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