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   Chapter 1216 Extra Story 106 Of Charlie The Considerate Charlie

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Charlie nodded to Elsa and raised his chin to her, indicating that she should follow Evelyn downstairs and wait for him there.

Elsa nodded obediently. Pursing her lips, she wanted to say something, but finally she didn't. Silently, she turned around and slowly walked behind Evelyn.

Charlie knew what she wanted to ask. She wanted to ask about Olivia. However, in Charlie's opinion, it was not proper for Olivia to appear in front of them at the moment. They were all kindhearted girls. How would they be able to console Olivia and convince themselves that everything would be alright?

It was not until all the girls left the room that Charlie sighed with relief. Then he staggered towards the exit. However, he stopped in his tracks as something suddenly came to his mind. He turned his head to look at the gun on the ground, which he had grabbed from Quintin and dissembled a while ago.

Turning around and squatting slowly, he picked up all the parts one by one and assembled them again into a gun in a quick and skilled manner. It was not until he placed the gun at his waist that he walked out of the room. The security guards hadn't left. They were in the corridor. Seeing people walked out of the room in groups in succession, they wanted to prevent them from exiting the establishment. However, on second thoughts, they knew that all of them were people they could—and should—not provoke. Therefore, they didn't say or do anything. They just watched the scene unfold in front of their eyes.

Now, they finally saw Charlie walk out of the room. In a hurry, the captain came to him and handed him his wallet. At the same time, he said, "Well..." He meant to play up to Charlie, but soon he realized that now was not a good time to do that. Thus he changed the topic quickly. "That girl is in that room," he said while pointing at one of the doors.

Charlie opened his wallet and took out a diamond card. Handing the card to the captain, he said, "I will compensate for all the losses here. When the police asks, tell them that the people has escaped."

"What?" the captain couldn't keep up with what Charlie was saying.

Patting him on the shoulder, Charlie said in a low and deep voice, "Do what I say, unless you are not afraid of getting on my bad side." As soon as he said that, he walked to the room Olivia was in. He didn't pay any attention to the twitching face of the captain.

Olivia had been knocked out by Charlie. Now, she was waking up slowly. However, due to the drug in

Problem solved!"

Seeing how angry she was, Ezra could not help but burst into laughter. She looked so cute in his eyes. "Then you would make the police take Charlie away too," he reminded her.

"..." Evelyn was speechless and pissed off. Considering how their conversation was going, she wondered whether Ezra was trying to comfort her or to make her feel worse. She only said that casually. Why didn't he say something in agreement with her so as to make her feel happy? How would he improve his relationship with her if he acted this way?

Ezra stood up and sat down beside Evelyn. In a kindly manner, he took one of her hands and he said in a soft voice, "All right. Please stop being angry. Otherwise, when Charlie comes downstairs, maybe he would think that I have bullied you again, since you're so angry, and he would fight me instead! As you know, I won't back down. And considering his current condition, I'm afraid that he might not be able to beat me."

Now Evelyn could do nothing but surrender to Ezra. Weakly, she leaned against the sofa and kept rolling her eyes. She didn't want to say a word to him.

Anna and Ann would have burst into laughter if they were not so worried about Olivia at that moment. Perhaps it was because Ezra lacked a sense of romance that he didn't seize the good opportunity to stay on the good side of Evelyn.

Since her mind was occupied by Charlie, Elsa didn't listen to the amusing exchange between Evelyn and Ezra. However, she grasped a key point from their talk. Suddenly, something came across her mind. With her eyebrows furrowed, she asked silently, "That man is named Quintin Mo... Is he Quiet Misery?"


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