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   Chapter 1215 Extra Story 105 Of Charlie The Considerate Charlie

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The security guard laid out his theory steadily and convincingly, and he was able to capture the interest of the rest security guards. At first they looked at him blankly, but as he went on, their faces looked like they were understanding what he was saying and that he was making so much sense. When he was finally finished speaking, all of them looked at the captain, as if waiting for confirmation of the theory.

The captain of security guards didn't say a word. He fixed his eyes on the ID card in the wallet Charlie had thrown to him. It was not until quite a while later that he looked around the security guards and said, "I think this whole thing is bigger than what we think. I think I need to call the CEO and let him know about this."

"What's wrong?" the security guards mumbled in confusion. They looked at the captain and then he gestured to them to gather around him. When they saw the name on the ID card was "Charlie Long", they were all astonished. After a long while of silence, they looked at the captain of security guards with eager eyes. "He's a member of that Long Family?" one of the security guards finally asked, breaking the silence.

"How many Longs are there in A City?" the captain asked. "The real question is how many Longs have such a striking aura?"

"..." All the security guards were speechless. All of a sudden, they also felt that the incident at hand was not simple. Hastily, one of them tried to call the duty manager, while another tried to call the assistant of the CEO. None of them wanted to be responsible for any consequence of this that would come out of the incident. They knew that if something went wrong, they might die. And no one of them wanted to die.

Before the policemen came, Shaun and Ezra arrived in the suite, followed by Evelyn and the others. When they saw the situation in the room, they either frowned, astonished, or just downright scared.

Both Charlie and Quintin were injured to different degrees. Quintin's gun was now broken, and its parts were scattered by Charlie's side. It had been thoroughly disassembled beyond recognition.

Seeing that, Shaun couldn't help but be amazed and scared. Quickly, he strode to Charlie's side and tried

Hearing that, Evelyn pouted and furrowed her brows, effectively showing her anger. She mumbled, "This all happened because you didn't let me know or take me with you..."

The twins talked as if nothing had happened. Then suddenly, Quintin spoke. Taking a look at Charlie, his stare sharp, he mumbled slowly, "I will wait for you."

The empty threat did not phase Charlie. Instead, he sneered and said, "Don't worry. I will be sure to come to you."

Without saying another word, Quintin walked out of the room with the help of Shaun and Bess.

After they left, Charlie said to Elsa and Evelyn, "Go downstairs and wait for me in the lobby."

"What are you going to do?" Evelyn asked, her tone panicked. Without waiting for Charlie's answer, she continued, "Also, where's Olivia? Why are you ordering us to go downstairs? We didn't come for you. We came here to look for Olivia."

Hearing that, Elsa nodded, but very soon, she felt like there was something wrong, so she shook her head hastily.

Seeing that, Anna and Ann looked at each other. Both of them were very worried about Olivia, and they got more worried when they saw that Charlie seemed to have been injured badly.

"Evelyn!" Charlie exclaimed. His face became overcast. "You take Elsa and the girls and wait for me downstairs."

His tone sounded like an order that nobody could refuse. Despite pouting in dissatisfaction, Evelyn nodded reluctantly. Then she took the lead and walked towards the exit.

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