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   Chapter 1214 Extra Story 104 Of Charlie The Considerate Charlie

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"Hurry up! You're too slow! Go faster! Why are you so slow!" the man continued to castigate Charlie as if he was trying his best to make him angry.

However, the comments were making Charlie feel anything but that and his face became increasingly gloomy as minutes passed. He had fought against the man for quite a while now, but he still was not able to defeat him at all.

"Charlie Long! It has only been a year since we last saw each other and your skills have already regressed this much? What's happening to you?" the man snorted and sneered. His tone sounded disdainful and ironic. "Have you forgotten your fundamental skills just because of a stupid game and some girlfriend? I cannot believe it!" he asked.

All of a sudden, Charlie stopped in his tracks. Unmoving and standing a far distance away from the man he was sparring with, he looked up. When his piercing eyes met the man's, a sly smile appeared on his lips. Slowly, he began speaking, "Well, Quintin Mo, it seems like you haven't improved either in the last one year when we haven't seen each other."

Hearing what Charlie said, the man named Quintin sneered even more. "Is that so? Well, even if that's the case, I'm still much, much better than you. At least I know what I want." As soon as he finished talking, the gun, which he had put away a while ago, suddenly was in his hands again. Now, it was pointed at Charlie, and his face looked sinister.

Sighing slightly, Charlie said, "You know what? One of the things I hate the most is being threatened by a gun. You've already done that twice within a span of a few minutes." His tone sounded nonchalant, and his face didn't betray anything that he was feeling, but everyone who knew him dearly would know that this only meant one thing–he was extremely angry.

Of course Quintin Mo was one of those people who knew Charlie, as the two of them had lived together for a really long time. The two of them had nothing in common. They were not the same kind of people. As a result, even if they were living in the same place for a long time, they weren't able to become friends.

Meanwhile, the two were starting to hear faint footsteps coming from the outside. It seemed like a few people were coming in. When Charlie kicked the door down, he had drawn the attention of many people. However, because of the cold and bloo

via properly on a bed in an empty room nearby. One of the security guards asked, "Captain, what shall we do?"

"What should we do? Of course we should call the police!" the captain exclaimed crossly, rolling his eyes.

Hearing that, the guy got confused for a moment. When he realized what the captain meant, he quickly answered yes, and was extremely embarrassed. In a hurry, he took out his cellphone from his pocket and called the police.

"Hello. This is Sophia Grand Hotel." "Yes, we have an incident here that needed to be reported. Somebody is holding someone under gunpoint..." The security guard was so scared that he tried hard to continue, "Well...Two people are currently fighting and one is with a gun. Yeah, at Sophia Grand Hotel. Okay... Okay..."

After reporting the incident to the police, the security guard sighed with relief. What happened a while ago was still shaking his core. After a while, he looked at his captain and he saw that he, too, seemed still shaken, and was still lost in his thoughts. Looking around, he spotted Olivia, who was lying on the bed, and asked, "Captain, what do you think is going on? This girl looks quite young. I guess she is a student. What do you think?" The captain didn't answer right away. The guy then went quiet, thinking of possible causes that made this whole thing happen. Then, as if he was suddenly enlightened, he turned to the captain and said, "I see it now! This girl must be that boy's girlfriend. The man holding the gun snatched his girlfriend from him and attempted to rape the girl!"

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