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   Chapter 1213 Extra Story 103 Of Charlie Olivia Disappearing

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Hearing her words, Bess couldn't help but be serious, "Is there something wrong with Charlie?"

With her question, Evelyn didn't get worried about him at all. "Take it easy. Even though Charlie looks like a Prince Charming, he is stronger and crueller than Mark. What worries me most is Olivia." In her effort not to stir further worries, she didn't continue and just looked at Elsa and her roommates.

Thinking about her friend and where she was at the moment, Elsa had worn a bitter expression. She kept her lips pursed and shut her mouth tightly while frowning bitterly.

Just steps away from Elsa, Anna and Ann didn't feel good, either. They looked grave and didn't know what to do.

At the garden, while the night was chilly, Elsa and her friends were graved with worry while it was lust and sex that filled the presidential suit of the Sophia Grand Hotel. By this time, Olivia seemed to be bewitched by every word he uttered. She wanted to unfold the buttons of her blouse but couldn't manage to do it. Maybe it was because her hands were trembling too much or because the buttons were difficult to unfold. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't succeed in unfolding them.

At this time, Charlie stood in front of the door of the hotel room with heavy breaths. He glared deeply at the door number, swallowed and kicked the door without a second thought.

"Bang! Bang!" The sound echoed weirdly in such a quiet corridor. The quality of the door was not that bad, because Charlie had kicked it three times, but it was still close. However, the alarming sound had attracted the guests in other rooms. They came out of their rooms curiously and wanted to know what happened.

As Charlie kicked it once again,

rner of his mouth with his finger. "Do you think she would have a good life even if nothing happened?"

This was the real reason why Charlie got angry. He didn't want to waste time speaking with him, so he began punching him again. Not willing to be beaten up, the man was forced to fight against him in the end.

At this moment, his face could be seen clearly in the dim light as he struggled to fight back and defend himself. By the features of his face under the dim light, he looked rather handsome. A scar was shown next to his right eye but it didn't decrease his charm, either. Instead, it added some mystery on his already enigmatic persona.

By the way he moved, he didn't look old. He was just a few years older than Charlie. However, his eyes were too sharp that his age would be ignored.

"Too slow!" catching his hands before he could land another punch on his face, the man said suddenly.

Charlie believed that he was not that easy to get angry, but his words made Charlie shout out and hit him harder and more quickly this time.

Letting all his anger out, Charlie was like a lion freed for the first time from his cave.

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