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   Chapter 1212 Extra Story 102 Of Charlie Olivia Disappearing

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6165

Updated: 2019-08-21 08:03

The night gradually turned dark and the chilly breeze heightened the tension among Elsa, Anna, and Ann. Their worries were insurmountable as they had no idea as to where Olivia and Charlie were at the moment.

Meanwhile, inside the Sophia Grand Hotel, a sexy voice came from the king-size bed in the luxurious presidential suite. "Ah, why is it so hot here? Can someone… please. It's so hot!"

Bearing with the throbbing pain and the dizziness, Olivia sensed something hot laid upon her body. With the warmth, she rubbed herself against the bed feeling uneasy. She shivered every time the smooth and silky feel of the hot satin touched her bare skin. It felt like as if a swarm of ants was crawling on top of her.

"Hum..." Another voice filled with lustful desires came out of Olivia's mouth.

That tingling yet prickling sensation flashed her. With her blurred eyes, she swallowed hard, rubbing her body continuously. Gradually, the silk sheet slid down and left her exposed. She pulled her clothes desperately. Her chest was moving up and down with her light breaths. In the dim light, her bosom looked tempting.

Compared to lots of attractive beauties, she was not that hot, but she looked like a bud which at one look would arouse more urgent desires.

"Hot. I feel so hot. Water...Please." Still unconscious, Olivia's face turned red like a ripe tomato. Something strange was struggling out of her body, but somehow, she couldn't release it. Groping through the dark, her breath became heavier. With her sight adapting to the dark, she seemed to see a person at the corner shaking a wine glass in his hand.

What she saw is a silhouette of a man, dark, sinister, and strange. Focused hard as to who the man is, she felt more terrible and afraid for herself. On her mind, she thought that she was in grave danger. She panicked at

s... is exactly... bad." Looking at the four of them, she took a deep breath and continued, "It can't show your exact location."

Waving at Bess, Evelyn shrugged her shoulders. "You can ask Charlie later. It's his trick. You know, he likes it when somebody will look for someone with some difficulty."

A little annoyed, Bess rolled her eyes. "It's not convenient at all." Catching her breath, she paused slightly for a while and asked, "Are you talking about Quiet Misery?" She had no intentions to eavesdrop, but she heard it as she arrived.

Still reading the messages on her phone, Evelyn nodded, "Olivia disappeared. We can't reach her phone, and can't find her in school. Elsa believes that Olivia being missing is related to Quiet Misery."

With a tight frown, Bess glanced around them and finally looked at Evelyn. Wearing a serious expression, she whispered, "I have called Shaun just now, and he said Quiet Misery had been in A City."

Bess didn't know who Quiet Misery was, but she thought that he wouldn't be a simple person according to Shaun's words.

Curling her lips, Evelyn said slowly, "I had asked them to find Olivia, but they responded that Charlie didn't allow it. Charlie has gone to find her."

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