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   Chapter 1211 Extra Story 101 Of Charlie Olivia Disappearing

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Elsa curled her lips as she saw Anna and Ann nodding their heads. She nodded, too and said, "I'll go talk to Charlie."

"We will go with you. Let's come together," said Ann. She was too worried about the situation at hand. Charlie had warned her of this, but she didn't take heed. Instead, she thought Olivia would not be determined to do such silly things because that was just a game. Moreover, Olivia was an active and frank girl and would not think about what she couldn't do.

"Okay. We'll go together." Taking out her phone, Elsa called Charlie. His name on her phone was set to a hotkey "1". Charlie set it because he said it was convenient for her to call him every day.

Seeing that the line was connecting, Elsa put her mobile phone on her ear but just heard the classical music. While waiting, she stared at Ann and Anna anxiously. Seconds had passed and Anna and Ann also looked at Elsa until a frown was etched on her face.

"Didn't he answer? Why was that so? It was so unusual for Charlie not to answer your call," confused, Ann asked, but she got the answer from Elsa's expression.

"Well, anyway, it's not that urgent." Anna sighed and continued, "We'll clear things out when Olivia finishes her class."

"Okay." Giving up the thought, Ann sighed, too and sat on her chair sulkily, with her body stretching out. Then out of the blue, a thought crept through her and she blurted out, "Anna, what I worry most is who on earth Quiet Misery is. The other day, I felt so bored that I signed in to my new account in Dragon Flying. I saw that almost all the players were talking about Quiet Misery in the World channel. Even if that woman attended the party and showed herself as Quiet Misery, still those girl players didn't believe she was the real Quiet Misery."

"She wasn't." Carelessly, Anna shrugged and began to read a financial magazine. However, she was thinking about something. Thus she didn't read a word at all.

Minutes had passed and it was the time that Olivia's classes were finished, and she should have come back by now. Waiting patiently, they looked at each other at first and then placed their eyes on the door with the hope that Olivia would come. One minute, two minutes, and five minutes passed, but still

A bit quizzical at the moment, Bess said, "Evelyn went to Elsa in a hurry and Charlie's phone was in the dormitory, and his roommate said that he went out in a hurry after answering a call."

It was not easy to make Charlie that anxious. Those who were familiar with him all knew it. However, according to what his roommate described, Charlie went out in a great hurry, and he even forgot his mobile phone after changing clothes.

Hearing that, Shaun frowned, saying, "I heard from someone earlier that... Quiet Misery has been seen around here."

"Can it be that all of these have something to do with that legendary player?" More puzzled this time, Bess frowned tightly. "What's the connection between these two things?" 'Even if Quiet Misery had some business with Charlie, it would not be that urgent, ' Bess guessed.

Shaun's thoughts were different from Bess'. He knew something about the fact that one of Elsa's roommates was obsessed with Quiet Misery. If it was related to this affair, Charlie would be anxious lest Elsa should get involved.

"I'll ask some people to find him," starting to be alarmed by the turn of events, Shaun said over the phone. "You take care of Evelyn. Don't let her do something wrong."

"Okay!" After hanging up, Bess checked the GPS while changing her clothes. Navigating the app on her phone, Bess saw that Evelyn was at the north gate of A University. With that, she caught her phone and bag and rushed after Evelyn's location according to the GPS.

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