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Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6245

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Ann was sitting in the small luxury airliner and couldn't help but sigh. "The Long Family's businesses almost covers everything in people's lives from eating, clothing, everyday living, and travel. We have a real Cinderella living in the dormitory. That goes from rags to riches, and all of us benefits from her. Hah-hah!" She took a sip from the orange juice in front of her with a smile, then glanced at Charlie and Elsa who were sitting in front of her to the side. "Olivia, listen to me. Since we're all happy with our travels, please don't ruin it for us by being so serious. I'll recommend some handsome guy to you later. Ha-ha!"

Anna pursed her lips and shook her head helplessly when she heard Ann's comment. With nothing else to do, she took out the magazine in front of her and continued reading.

Olivia rolled her eyes and gave Ann a disgruntled look. "You can keep those handsome guys for yourself. Look at you, an old virgin."

"What did I do wrong?" Ann pretended to be hurt. "I do everything for my friend, and yet she pushes me straight to hell. Ah..."

Before she finished her sentence, a pillow flew into her face. Ann shut her mouth at once.

"Hello, everybody. This is the captain of the airplane. We will be landing at the International Airport of A City in half an hour..."

At that moment, a calm and magnetic voice was heard from the broadcast. The captain then told the passengers to fasten their seat-belts and raise their seats in an upright position ready for landing. All the people on board the plane stopped joking and playing and did as instructed. However, they did say that they would throw a party for the single girls and some handsome guys, to make an opportunity for them to get to know each other. This great task would undoubtedly be organized by Charlie, who wasn't single anymore.

After the plane had landed, the pa

heir days were as if they were living in a candy world. Elsa was so content with her life that she would fall asleep with a smile on her face and would be woken up by her own laughter. The girls in the dormitory that shared the room with her thought she was insane.

All the girls had been happy for Elsa except for Olivia. She was in total contrast to Elsa. Although Olivia pretended to be happy, she was despondent inside. However, Elsa, who was an insensitive girl, and the others had noticed the change in Olivia.

After Olivia had left to go to the classroom, Ann said seriously, "Olivia needs our help."

Elsa nodded her head. Even though she was delighted with her life now, Elsa also hoped the same happiness for her friends.

Anna sighed. "It's that man, Quiet Misery that makes Olivia so sad. Let's get to the root of the problem and solve it once and for all. First, we need to find the person behind Quiet Misery. Then we can show Olivia that Quiet Misery is not her Mr. Right."

"But Quiet Misery isn't that woman." Ann furrowed her eyebrows.

Elsa turned to Anna while Anna was staring at her deep in thought. "I... Can I do anything to help her?"

Anna shook her head and said, "Not you. It's Charlie who can help!".

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