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   Chapter 1209 Extra Story 99 of Charlie The Most Romantic Fluorescent Cuttlefish

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7339

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"Okay. It's a deal!" Elsa felt self-assured that she would win. Her friend Ann had wanted to see the fluorescent cuttlefish, and she collected a great deal of information about them. Ann was very disappointed when she concluded that they would miss out on seeing the fluorescent cuttlefish this time because it wasn't the season for spawning yet. With that in mind, Elsa looked at Charlie, and confidently said, "I should start thinking about what I want my three wishes to be then..."

Charlie and Elsa strolled along the beach, hand in hand. It was crowded where they were, but as they kept walking, there were fewer people around. Elsa's mind was preoccupied with what she was going to get Charlie to do for her, and she wasn't taking any notice of the surroundings.

"The first thing should be that you cannot do bad things to me.

The second one..." Elsa was thinking, and then suddenly she laughed out aloud. "The second thing I want you to do is for you to tell me you are in love with me over a loud-speaker under the building of my dormitory. Just like a romantic movie. Something like that.

As for the third thing..." Elsa's voice trailed off as she stood stunned and in awe by what she saw before her.

Inside the waves that lapped against the shoreline, a bright blue glow appeared and slowly floated to the seashore. Then another one and more and more. Soon the bright blue, glowing lights formed a beautiful majestic ribbon that floated on the sea as brightly as the stars in the sky.

"How beautiful..." Elsa gasped. She had never seen anything so marvelous as this in all her life. Elsa watched in wonder as more and more blue glowing dots joined the blue ribbon. Her eyes shone excitedly, and she was left speechless by the beauty before her. "How can this be? How come it's like this? How beautiful they are!" After a while, Elsa began to voice her feelings. As she spoke, she turned to look at Charlie, with tears in her eyes that sparkled in the dark.

Charlie gazed deeply into Elsa's beautiful eyes, and her show of emotions had moved him. While keeping his gaze on Elsa the whole time, he pulled something out of his pocket and slowly bent down on one knee. He smi

er pointing at Bess. "Okay. You're right!"

By the time all the frogmen came out of the sea, there was over a hundred of them. Each of them had been equipped with at least three fluorescent blue lamps that were either on their heads or bodies. When the lamps were turned on successively, it gave the effect of the real fluorescent cuttlefish spawning.

The fluorescent lamps could only last for twenty to thirty minutes, and that was the reason why the 'fluorescent cuttlefish' had disappeared after Elsa watched the fireworks.

This trip to T City had been enjoyable and full of unexpected surprises for everyone, except Olivia. Of course, this didn't include the people from the Creepy Group and the Candy Group. Let alone, Allen and Rita.

There were only a few people from the media field that attended their engagement party, and by the second day, every front page of every newspaper was written about the Long Family. The papers didn't mention anything about the engagement between Rita and Allen. The hot topic was all about the twins from the Long Family. How they both were getting engaged this coming summer holidays and that they would hold a joint engagement party. Such news was the most important. Firstly, the news was about the Long Family, which was sure to sell well. Secondly, it had been confirmed by Addison Long, the president of the Dragon Empire Group himself. So in a short time, all of the magazines and papers had been sold out.

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