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   Chapter 1208 Extra Story 98 of Charlie The Most Romantic Fluorescent Cuttlefish

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Molly shut her mouth suddenly while Addison, who was just beside them, was rolling his eyes and shaking his head helplessly.

Elsa had been very nervous previously. However, Molly had been so kind and warm towards Elsa that she made her feel completely at ease and Elsa couldn't have been happier. It was as if they had known each other for a long time. She nodded to Molly with a smile and replied, "Aunt Molly, I am Little Bun... but this is the nickname that Charlie gave me. My name is Elsa. You can call me Little Bun, or Elsa."

Molly pursed her lips secretly and glanced at Charlie with blame in her eyes. She was giving him a hint that it was all his fault. 'It's your fault for this slip-up. You kept calling her Little Bun and made me call her that without realizing it, ' Molly thought.

Charlie ignored his mother's stern glance. He held Elsa's hand and led her to the seat beside Molly.

"Nice to meet you, Uncle Brian. Nice to meet you, Addison," Elsa greeted them courteously before she sat down.

Addison smiled with his lips pursed and the beautiful dimples deepened on his cheeks. The dimples gave him a boyish charm making others forget how powerful he looked previously. Addison said gently to Elsa, "You can call me Mark, as Charlie and Evelyn do. Or, simply call me brother. Please, make yourself comfortable and relax."

Elsa blushed and nodded. "Thank you, Mark."

Brian never had any special requirements for his children's spouses. In his opinion, the kids could decide this matter for themselves. They didn't need any of his interference, as all of his children were capable of dealing with their own personal relationships well. At least they were able to do it better than he had done when Brian was their age.

Once all the members of the Long Family had arrived, the dishes started to be served. With Molly and Evelyn's presence, the atmosphere was warm and pleasant. Although Brian was used to wearing a cold expression on his face, he was more relaxed and easy-going with all his family present and with Elsa. Addison was the best big brother, and of course, he wouldn't let the girl Charlie loved feel embarrassed. Although Elsa was extremely nervous and ha

cent cuttlefish or there are no fluorescent cuttlefish to be seen?"

"I mean if there are no fluorescent cuttlefish..." Elsa raised her face slightly and continued, "It seems... That I won't marry you. We have checked the spawning period of the fluorescent cuttlefish. It's not their time to spawn yet. They will appear in one or two months."

Seeing Elsa's complacent expression, Charlie couldn't help but laugh aloud. "It seems that you really want to marry me," Charlie said, trying hard not to laugh again.

"Me? Never!" Elsa replied. At times, Elsa felt that Charlie's and her way of thinking was completely different. Like they were from another planet.

Charlie glanced at Elsa tenderly and noticed her flushed face. He changed his tone and said gently, "You said if you didn't see any fluorescent cuttlefish, then you wouldn't marry me. What if you did see them?"

Elsa turned her head to look at him. "If I do see fluorescent cuttlefish, then I will surely marry you... Although, if I don't see any, you should do something to make it up to me!" Elsa wasn't a silly girl. She still wanted Charlie to chase after her and impress her.

Charlie laughed when he heard what Elsa said. Then he spoke in a gentle voice which was as beautiful as a violin concerto. "If you don't get to see fluorescent cuttlefish, then I will do whatever you want me to do three times. It will be like your three wishes." His voice drifted out gently with the sea breeze.

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