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   Chapter 1207 Extra Story 97 Of Charlie Meet His Parents

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Nevertheless, he managed to take time off in the noon to have lunch with Elsa at the dining hall of Flight Media. Elsa had had an ordinary upbringing and had lived a normal day-to-day life. So, she sat at the dining hall gaping at the movie stars, directors and TV show hosts who were having lunch alongside them. It was only then that she thought about all the many benefits in working for Flight Media. The employees could take a few pictures of these famous people secretly or ask them for autographs on their photos and sell them to their fans for a huge load of money. It was a sure-shot way of earning some quick buck.


e scared off by her behavior. "Is that the Little Bun Charlie has been chasing since his childhood?" she asked.

Addison nodded with a grin, and he reminded his mother, "You'd better not get too excited. I'm pretty sure you'll end up calling her Little Bun in front of everyone."

"I won't..." Molly denied, without really listening to his words.

Addison turned to look at Brian, and saw an enigmatic smile on his father's lips. Before Addison could warn Molly again, he heard her say to Elsa, who was just being pulled in by Evelyn to her mother's side, "I'm Charlie and Evelyn's mother. So, you are the Little Bun."


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