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   Chapter 1207 Extra Story 97 Of Charlie Meet His Parents

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Nevertheless, he managed to take time off in the noon to have lunch with Elsa at the dining hall of Flight Media. Elsa had had an ordinary upbringing and had lived a normal day-to-day life. So, she sat at the dining hall gaping at the movie stars, directors and TV show hosts who were having lunch alongside them. It was only then that she thought about all the many benefits in working for Flight Media. The employees could take a few pictures of these famous people secretly or ask them for autographs on their photos and sell them to their fans for a huge load of money. It was a sure-shot way of earning some quick buck.

These criminal thoughts kept rolling in her head till Charlie finally finished all his work for the day. She was so obsessed in her thoughts that she didn't realize that he was standing by her side.

He bent towards her, letting their bodies touch slightly. "Are you thinking about me?" he asked in a husky voice.

"Hmm..." Elsa answered without thinking, still counting all the money in her head. Realizing that she was in some dream world, Charlie blew gently behind her ear. She jumped from the sudden sensation and saw that Charlie's handsome face was very close to hers. She blushed in an instant.

Charlie had meant to make fun of her. But when he saw her red cheeks, he had completely different thoughts in his mind. She looked like a ripe apple that was just waiting to be tasted. He could not help the urge that was taking over him. He slowly turned her around to make her face him and bent down to kiss gently on her forehead.

Elsa didn't have many shortcoming except that she was mostly unable to react to things quickly and she was often absent-minded. She was immersed in her own world most of the time. Her mind and her actions were controlled by her heart, and not her brain.

And at that moment, when Charlie bent down to kiss her, she closed he

chiffon skirt with irregular geometric patterns. She tried her best to behave like a proper lady in front of her father, but failed miserably.

Brian glanced towards the somewhat nervous Elsa. He didn't know why, but he felt like he was looking at a younger version of Molly. Although the two of them had totally different dispositions, they looked like they had the same persistence in their hearts and souls.

Molly wasn't thinking about all that at all. She would accept any girl her son fell in love with. She believed in Charlie. She was a bit nervous too. She wanted to go and receive Elsa, but was afraid that Elsa would be scared off by her behavior. "Is that the Little Bun Charlie has been chasing since his childhood?" she asked.

Addison nodded with a grin, and he reminded his mother, "You'd better not get too excited. I'm pretty sure you'll end up calling her Little Bun in front of everyone."

"I won't..." Molly denied, without really listening to his words.

Addison turned to look at Brian, and saw an enigmatic smile on his father's lips. Before Addison could warn Molly again, he heard her say to Elsa, who was just being pulled in by Evelyn to her mother's side, "I'm Charlie and Evelyn's mother. So, you are the Little Bun."


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