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   Chapter 1206 Extra Story 96 Of Charlie Meet His Parents

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6895

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Although she knew that the real Quiet Misery was not the girl who had walked out of the elevator, Olivia could not suppress her thoughts about the real Quiet Misery. She knew that the girl was the ex-girlfriend of Quiet Misery, the legendary player whom she loved secretly.

She wondered what kind of man he was. He was easily able to match such a woman, who played the game so skillfully.

Olivia's heart ached as she watched the female Quiet Misery walk away from her sight. Her insides churned and sadness flooded her eyes. She felt her eyes tearing up, but didn't bother to hide it.

Anna frowned when she saw the expression on her face and walked to her. "Olivia?" she called slowly.

"Hmm?" Olivia looked at her in confusion, not knowing what to say.

Anna knew what was going on in her mind. "You were drunk yesterday. Are you going to hang yourself onto this one tree?" She tried to talk sense into her friend, but Olivia just sighed in defeat. Anna continued, "It looks like Ann and I need to teach you a good lesson and show you how terrible online romance can be."

... Olivia didn't know how to respond to Anna. She remained silent.

Ann nodded repeatedly in agreement with Anna. She said, "Yeah, reality is so wonderful. Take a look at this heavenly place and all these handsome men we can have. Why would you ever want to have an online love affair?" She pointed to the gang of members of Madness Is Good, who hadn't left yet. "Look at that one... Ice Is Water Awake looks like a potent chairman at first glance. And that one...Dangerous Beauty is such a handsome young man. And the one next to him is Valiant Life. Look at his stature! He's like a boxing champion!" She drooled slightly, and Anna and Olivia giggled. "Oh! There is Love Till Being Hurt. He is a star. And there's Dissolute All My Life behind him. He is the heir to some rich family."

Olivia's mouth curled into a smile, and Anna could not help but shake her head. She asked, "Ann, how are you able to connect their game ID with their real identity?"

Ann winked, "I'm

in my office. When my work is done, I will pick you up and we'll go for dinner." He paused for her reply, but didn't get any. When he slightly turned to take a glance at her, he saw her annoyed pout. "Well...If you want to get familiar with the company, you may join me," he added.

Elsa straightened up in her seat. "I will join you."

Although he knew that Elsa chose to join him because she wanted to know more about the company, Charlie was still overjoyed to hear that. He believed that Elsa unconsciously wanted to be with him as much as possible. He wanted to believe that she desired to be alongside him.

When they entered the company, Elsa saw another side of Charlie, which she had never seen before. He worked so diligently and sincerely that she could not help but admire him. He was like a self-luminous body glowing with a beautiful light, drawing everybody towards him. She could not take her eyes off him.

It was an important day for Charlie too. Dragon had finally become an independent company, detaching itself from Flight Media. Charlie had a lot to do. After handling the necessary procedures, he attended meetings one after the other. He had to get everything done before he went back to the university tomorrow. Besides, he had to minimize the bug in the mobile game which was going to be released soon. Time flew by as he kept himself busy.

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