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   Chapter 1205 Extra Story 95 Of Charlie Meet His Parents

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Molly tried to find Elsa from the crowd of guests. She could not say which one was her.

Addison stole a glance at Elsa, who was retreating slowly behind Olivia and Ann with the hope of hiding herself. The smile at the corners of his mouth deepened. He said, "Mom, you'd better not go talk to her now. Charlie has just formally established a relationship with his little girlfriend after trying really hard. If she runs away because of you, Charlie would be heartbroken."

Hearing Addison's warning, Molly pouted. When she saw the serious look in his eyes, she sighed and withdrew. "I'm just realizing how difficult it is to find a daughter-in-law," she said. She looked at Brian, who was by her side. "I finally understand why Mom was worried when she saw you.

" Brian raised one of his eyebrows, with a half smile on his lips. Whenever Molly talked about the children, she would somehow end up shifting the conversation to him.

His smile widened when he saw her warm blush. Evelyn successfully kicked Ezra with a little help from Charlie, while Brian hinted to Addison with his eyes.

Addison nodded to him. He turned around and walked towards the media. As he scanned the crowd with his eyes swiftly, the previously noisy media people fell into complete silence. "Due to lack of time, the engagement ceremony of my younger sister with Mr. Zhou has been cancelled. We will once again invite you all to attend her engagement ceremony during the next summer vacation. Please accept my apology for making you come here in vain," Addison said with a poster smile. As soon as his words faded, he hinted to the manager of the hotel. Then he turned around and left, ignoring the press photographers who were calling out to him.

The media was dissatisfied with the hearsay engagement ceremony, which seemed like a farce now. However, since Addison had promised in person that they would be invited to the real engagement ceremony, all of them relaxed and talked among themselves about the events of the day. They knew that the CEO of the Dragon Empire Group would not go back on his words.

"Everybody! Buffet is being served in the hotel restaurant. Please follow me," the manager of the hotel re


Addison saw Charlie looking in Elsa's direction. He shook his head and said with a coy smile, "I'll see you later."

"Hmm," Charlie hummed lazily and started walking towards Elsa.

When Elsa saw Charlie approaching her, she hid herself completely behind Anna. However, Charlie grabbed her wrist and said, "Come with me." Overwhelmed by his domineering aura, she could do nothing but nod and be pulled away by him.

"She is so doomed," Ann said, shaking her head when she saw how obedient Elsa was in front of Charlie.

"Yup...So doomed," Olivia echoed Ann.

Anna chuckled. She said, "A man as powerful as Charlie is exactly who Elsa needs."

Ann and Olivia nodded in agreement.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Olivia asked, stretching her arms. The engagement ceremony had turned out to be a farce, and Elsa had been taken away by Charlie. They had nothing to do now, but they didn't just want to stay at the hotel and enjoy the view outside the windows.

Shrugging, Ann suggested, "How about going to the beach?"

"That sounds good," Olivia nodded and then looked at Anna for confirmation.

With a smile, Anna said, "I don't care where we go. Anywhere is okay for me, because it is all the same if Elsa is not around." The three girls burst into laughter, without caring about the stares they were getting from around them.

But Olivia's laughter died soon. The doors of an elevator opened at that moment and Quiet Misery walked out.

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