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   Chapter 1204 Extra Story 94 Of Charlie The Engagement

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Ann was shocked. Anna's social network was more extensive than her friends'. Now that she knew Charlie's and Evelyn's identities, she could guess who they were. "Is that Mr. Brian Long? Wow, he really is an imposing man," said Ann.

Elsa was startled by what Ann had said even though she knew that she wasn't the reason why Brian and Molly were here, she still felt intimidated.

People at the hall exalted over Brian and Molly's presence. Brian and Molly had been living abroad, and they seldom came back other than returning to Dragon Island and staying there for a few days occasionally. Nowadays, they rarely made a public appearance, and the media barely got the chance to shoot Brian and Molly. Their love story was no less romantic than that of Brian's parents'.

Ezra and Shaun were astounded. They were both familiar with the Long Family, so they recognized Brian and Molly immediately.

"What's going on?" Ezra cried out with a trembling voice.

Shaun raised an eyebrow and glanced at Ezra. He replied with a smile, "What's going on? Somebody is trying to trick their daughter into an engagement. As her parents, they have shown up for one of two reasons. Which one do you think it is?"

"What? What reasons?" Ezra asked puzzled, looking at Shaun.

"One reason is either to help the man who has chased after their daughter for years, to fulfill his wish. Whereas, the other reason is…" Shaun deliberately paused, and a gloating smile appeared on his face. "Well, the other reason, of course, is to break the man's legs and warn him to stay away from their daughter."

Upon hearing Shaun's words. Ezra couldn't help but feel a cold shiver run up his spine for a few seconds, and then he whispered, "Why do I feel like it's more likely that they came here for the second reason?"

"Maybe you're right." Shaun chuckled. "Good luck!" Then he walked up to Brian and Molly and greeted, "Mr. and Mrs. Long, how are you?"

Brian looked at Shaun, and then at Ezra, who was walking towards them, and he replied coldly, "We're doing great." It seemed that he was trying to put some pressure on Ezra with his coldness.

"Mr. and Mrs. Long, it's nice to see you," Ezra greeted after clearing his throat. He wore a forced smile and hoped that he wouldn't end up too miserable.

"When we got off the plane in Dragon Island this morning, I heard that my daughter was holding an engagement banquet in T City," Molly started, staring at Ezra and looking puzzled. "She is becoming more and more reckless and unruly, so Bri and I came here to see what kind of act she was pulling now."

At that moment, Ezra couldn't conceal what he had been planning any longer. Molly smiled at him, pretending to be confused and angry with Evelyn while Brian stared at him aggr

Charlie greeted.

"Papa Brian, mother," Addison called out.

To Addison, Spark would always be his dad. That would never change.

Brian narrowed his eyes at them, blaming them for conniving Evelyn to monkey around.

Addison and Charlie had known what Ezra was really up to when they heard his revenge plans. Even so, they had turned a blind eye to Ezra conspiring to act up. If Ezra succeeded, there would be one more person to look after their baby sister. What did they have to lose?

Ignoring Ezra and Evelyn, Molly stared at Charlie and asked, "I heard that you made a confession yesterday. Is it true?"

"When did you arrive? Why didn't you tell us before you came?" Charlie replied, trying to change the subject.

"Don't change the subject! Answer my question, young man!" Molly rasped, glaring at Charlie. "Is that girl here?"

Charlie curled his lips and said, "What? You want to see her? I have finally got my Little Bun to be with me. What if you scare her away?"

"Your Little Bun," Molly repeated, looking at Charlie with a look of distaste. Then she leaned forward and asked, "Is this "Little Bun," the same girl that you used to bully when you were a kid?"

Charlie sighed. "Mom, I didn't bully her. That was my way to get close to her."

Molly held back her laughter and nodded. "Your way. Yeah right! The men of the Long Family always need "special ways" to get the girls they like."

Hearing Molly's words, Brian's face turned cold, and he frowned slightly. Either way to Brian, Molly was always in the first place. He would never talk back to her.

"I'll go pull Ezra and Evelyn apart. Otherwise, there'll never be an end to their fight," Charlie said disapprovingly.

Watching Charlie walk away, Molly couldn't help but sigh. Then she turned to Addison and asked curiously, "Mark, who is Little Bun?"

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