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   Chapter 1203 Extra Story 93 Of Charlie The Engagement

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"Your Majesty, won't we be overdoing our apparel?" Evan asked Evelyn. "It's from Versace. It must be very expensive!" Seeing Ezra pull out a suit from seemingly nowhere, Evan glanced at the tag and cried out in surprise.

"Why would we overdo our outfits? There will be many journalists, and we'll be in the spotlight. Ezra can bear to be disgraced, but our Long Family can't. No matter how much money it costs, I'm willing to pay to look the part," Evelyn said, raising her eyebrows and glancing at Evan from the reflection of the mirror. She was dressed in an orange-red strapless gown and had a lollipop in her mouth, and the make-up artist was doing her hair.

"But… Will the media take it seriously if there aren't any senior Long Family members nor any of the Zhou's showing up?" Evan asked, putting on the suit. Fortunately, the hotel air-conditioning was on otherwise wearing a suit on such a hot day would be like living in hell.

Evelyn didn't give it much thought, and she shrugged replying, "I'm not looking for any trouble. If my father knows that I'm messing around, I will be dead!"

Evan rolled his eyes and said, "Evelyn, have you forgotten that you've invited an army of journalists? Journalists spread news, and you're hoping that your father won't find out about it?"

Evelyn suddenly turned her head to look at Evan.

"Do you really think that Addison and Charlie would let my father know about this?" she smirked. Evan had become silent. Evelyn was right. Even if she had turned T City upside down, her two brothers, who loved her so dearly, would never let the news spread. Also, The Flight Media and The Dream Media were the leading enterprises of the media industry in T City, both of which were under the Dragon Empire Group. This fact made it even easier for Evelyn's brothers to control the news. "Because of your brothers' protection, you've become so unreasonable and arrogant," said Evan.

Evelyn wore an innocent look on her face and fluttered her long eyelashes at him, asking, "Aren't you unreasonable and arrogant, too?" Evan ground his teeth and then smiled. "Yes, I am. But to me, you have the rights to be unreasonable. Your Majesty."

Evelyn winked at him with a sweet smile and then t

ng the way that Elsa reacted when she heard Charlie's confession. "For your proposal, I would like to say yes.

How romantic it is!" Noticing Elsa's discomfort and embarrassment, Anna shook her head and voiced, "That's enough, you scamps!"

Ann and Olivia froze for a second. Then they reached out their hands towards Anna and began to tickle her while Elsa burst out laughing. Later all of their laughter rang out.

While they were tickling Anna, a flashing light suddenly turned on followed by the sound of many clicking camera shutters. The noise came from the gate, and it was getting louder, but the people inside had no idea what was going on.

Elsa and her friends all turned their heads and stared at the gate. There they saw a man dressed in a black suit walking in, and there was a woman in a blue gown walking next to him. It was hard to guess their ages. The man looked very handsome with deep eyes, a straight nose, and thin lips, just like an elaborated sculpture made by the most skilled artist. He was walking in a slow stride surrounded by a plethora of journalists and paparazzi.

While the woman walking beside him wasn't as attractive as he was, but her eyes were bright. Although she was no longer in her youth, her eyes still looked so bright and pure.

"I have the feeling that… Charlie and Evelyn look exactly like them," Olivia said in a daze.

Anna shot Olivia a glance and said, "Are you saying that you think they're Charlie and Evelyn's parents?"

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