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   Chapter 1202 Extra Story 92 of Charlie Engagement

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Steve lay against on the sofa, saying calmly, "Everyone makes mistakes. It depends on whether you admit it!"

Both Addison and Charlie agreed.

Ignoring Charlie, Steve continued talking to Addison. He stood up after a while. "I will help you get it done... I will take her to Europe later and by the way, I'll get things done there." He paused for a bit before continuing, "Recently, you got the Dragon Empire Group into trouble with the laws."

Addison didn't respond; he only smiled.

"It's fine. Solving problems at one time is your style." Steve smiled, "I should go now. If I don't go, someone would dislike me more."

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Watch your step as you leave! Bye!"

"Don't worry!" Steve had a cold smile on his face, not just for Charlie but for everyone. But he spoke to Charlie directly, "Well. Your girlfriend is nice. Let's have dinner when we're all free."

Upon hearing this, Charlie got angry. "Forget about it! Don't talk or think about my Elsa or..."

"Snitching is a child's trick!" Steve cut him off. He shrugged and gave Charlie a smug smile, uncaring that the man didn't finish speaking. Finally, he turned to Addison. "Bye."

Addison nodded. It was after Steve left that he turned to his brother and opened his mouth to say, "Steve is the death of you. Nothing could frighten you since you were a kid and nobody could get you in trouble, but every time you see Steven he drives you crazy with anger."

Charlie also didn't understand why he couldn't keep calm any time Steve was around. 'Maybe, as you say, he is the death of me.'

"What about the plan?" Addison asked.

Charlie handed it to Addison. "I plan to start developing mobile games after leaving the Flight Media. It can't be a publicity stunt. I have to do something great."

"Have you made a market survey?" Addison asked him. He wasn't going to play favoritism just because this man was his own brother.

"I have." Charlie helped himself to some water. "I won't let any accident happen."

Addison began reading the plan. All things were well-detailed, not only on what the game needed in the former-part, but also on the publicity in the latter-part. As for the game's operating, the present group was so great that he didn't need to worry. "The capital may be not abundant after leaving the Flight Media," Addison looked up at Charlie and reminded him. "Are you sure you can employ Kay?"

"Kay will come because we're friends." A smile started to form on Charlie's face.

However, Addison frowned. "I don't care much about those stars of

sentence. Suddenly a lot of phones started ringing at the same time. They answered and ran away in a hurry at the same time with their cameras and equipment. Only four or five media were left behind.

This shocked everyone; they didn't know what happened and as they looked at each other to find answers, no one seemed to have any idea.

Sitting on the flower stage, Allen and Rita were confused. Then Rita said to Mia, "Go find out what happened."

Mia left in a hurry and returned in less than five minutes. "Miss," she said to Rita in a serious tone, "the daughter of the Long Family has announced her engagement to Ezra Zhou. That's why everyone went there. The reason for those who stayed here was that their companies sent other reporters to the Long Family."

"What?" Rita was surprised. 'There were two daughters of Long Family. The younger one was in high school now, so it must be Evelyn. What's more, with Ezra, it must be Evelyn.

She must have done this on purpose.'

There were more and more uproar from the guests. When Mia asked the reporters, people sitting in the latter rows heard and spread the news. Rita's and Allen's fathers were shocked at first and decided that this engagement should continue. It made no sense that the party should be cancelled because of the absence of the media.

The party had arranged lots of procedures. They invited the media to propagandize for their interests, so the price of their stocks would rise. However, they could not deal with the situation now.

Long Family was powerful on the Dragon Island. Since T City was just next to the Dragon Island, Long Family also well-reputed here. As a result, it attracted the media's attention.


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