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   Chapter 1201 Extra Story 91 of Charlie Engagement

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7540

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After starting the engine of the car, he paused for a moment. Then he looked at Elsa and smiled. "I didn't drink!"

Confusion on her face, Elsa muttered, "But I saw you drink just now..."

Charlie drove away. Just as their car had entered the traffic of the main highway, Charlie spoke again, "What I drank didn't have alcohol. I just drank a little red wine. It doesn't matter."

His words reminded Elsa of the fact he just drank some red wine with Quiet Misery, and that the rest of the time he drank water.

"Olivia, don't drink so much in the future. Even if you don't drive and sit with us, we are worried about you," Ann said with a mischievous smile. She was just teasing.

"Okay!" Ann nodded vigorously, pretending to be Olivia. "Don't worry. For you, I will love life. I won't drink and get on a car." The others laughed as they looked at Elsa.

Elsa's cheeks turned red because of their laughter. Charlie smiled and said in a reassuring voice, "Ladies should be at their best in any occasion. Don't let others judge!"

Both Ann and Anne sat back when he spoke those words, their smiles remaining plastered on their faces as if they were frozen on. They realized that Charlie, as a member of the Long Family, not only had good background and fortune, but also was very smart. They could not play tricks on him.

When he reached their hotel, Charlie helped take Olivia back to their room. After laying her down on her bed and taking care of a few other things, he motioned for Anna to follow him out of the room.

"What's up?" Anna asked.

Catching a glimpse of the open door, Charlie told her, "Let Olivia forget Quiet Misery. Quiet Misery is not her Mr. Right."

"That woman?" Anna looked at Charlie confusedly. "She was just upset and resentful that it was a woman. She will be fine tomorrow."

Charlie shook his head. "Quiet Misery is not that woman, but her man." Anna's face was one of pure shock. Charlie looked at her and continued, "Whether it is her or her husband. Olivia shouldn't get involved in Quiet Misery's world. And what's more, I think Olivia has known their relationship."

Anna frowned. They were only college students, but Charlie's words were saying that Quiet Misery got involved in not only social affa

I can't go back with you."

"Oh..." Evelyn answered calmly. "Be careful when driving."

"Okay, good night."

"Good night!"

He drove up to the villa on the mountain. There was always a smile on Charlie's face. He was happy not only because Elsa accepted him, but also because his sister was going to be in a relationship with Ezra in three months.

Charlie continued driving along the street until he arrived in front of a big villa. It was dimly lit, but the dim light seemed to give the place a much quieter atmosphere.

He didn't like living here because the ambience was bland and not at all colorful.

Looking at the two cars next to his, he took casual steps to the villa, with his hands in his pockets. Before he entered, he heard some noise. As he entered the villa, he turned to the first person that he saw and asked, "Guest?"

"Yes, Mr. Charlie Long!" the person answered.

Charlie stopped and sighed deeply, "Does Steve want to stay here with my brother?"

The person's lips trembled visibly and answered, "Mr. Addision hopes so, but Steve won't stay here."

Charlie smiled and turned to look at the person. "You know my brother well."

That man looked at Charlie and said in a calm manner, "I am the shadow of Mr. Addision."

Charlie shrugged and continued walking to the villa.

When Addison saw Charlie, he didn't look surprised; after a few moments, he turned back and continued to talk with Steve. "It's amazing your judgment should be wrong," he was saying.

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