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   Chapter 1200 Extra Story 90 Of Charlie Edge For Love

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As Quiet Misery went on, Olivia only became even more surprised. From what Olivia had known, Rosemary was the most well-known low-key player in the Madness Is Good. However, no one had ever neglected the existence of Rosemary, though she had never been to the top ten no matter before the merge of the servers or after. She was silent most of the time, and never participated in any activities though she was part of the power. Rosemary always took actions alone, even if she was to do the task or to repeat the BOSS actions with those characteristics. Someone in the BBS had once compared her to Quiet Misery. They even presumed that the same person played these two accounts.

"Now leave me alone," said Quiet Misery with a slight smile on her face, trying to be as polite as she could. "You have all your answers now. You know everything, so if you'll excuse me, I'd like to be alone." She said it politely but directly, making it clear that she didn't want any company nor to make a new friend.

Even though Olivia had learned a lot from this woman, she didn't feel any better with her explanation. Instead, she felt even more depressed, and she had more questions than she had answers for. Olivia was very curious about the man that broke this cold woman's heart. 'Who is the real player of the account Quiet Misery? What are his true characters?'

wondered Olivia with her mind racing as she walked slowly away.

In the open-air cafe on the top floor of A-magic, Rita was sitting opposite Allen facing each other at one of the tables. Neither of them was in a good mood.

"The engagement party will go ahead as scheduled tomorrow if you sign this now!" snarled Rita as she glanced at the paper that lay in front of her.

It was a legally binding contract, which stated that after their engagement, Rita and Allen would get married after graduation. According to the terms, if Allen Shen didn't abide by the clauses outlined, then the Shen family would have to compensate the Gu family twenty times their investment. The amount of exchange between business groups was always huge. Under such circumstance, especially when it came to the money that was to save the company, the amount of money involved was no doubt huge. Twenty times the money involved, that meant,

e with glazed eyes and burped. "Just tell me…

Do you want to have this Little Bun as soon as you can… Just say it, and I'll help you!"

While Olivia babbled, Ann and Anna looked at each other and shook their heads. They both approached Olivia and put each of her arms over their shoulders and pulled her away, to stop her from saying anything else. With an apologetic look on her face, Anna said, "Charlie, please forgive Olivia. She has drunk…"

With a gentle smile on his face, Charlie nodded knowingly, "Is it because of Quiet Misery?"

Ann and Anna didn't expect Charlie to ask such a question. They were both taken aback and gaped in surprise. Meanwhile, Elsa asked immediately, "How did you know that?"

"Well, Quiet Misery just told me about it," replied Charlie as he looked at Olivia, who was visually upset. "It's better to let her know about the truth earlier. It would have been more painful to find out later. It's not a good idea for Olivia to get involved with the man who played as Quiet Misery..."

"What do you mean?" asked Elsa immediately before Charlie could finish his words.

Charlie didn't reply to Elsa's question. He looked at the drunken Olivia and turned to Elsa. "Let's go. I'll drive you all home."

Elsa gave him a questioning look, but in the end, just nodded. She then helped Anna and Ann put Olivia into the car and then sat in the front passenger seat. When Charlie started to drive the car, she suddenly asked, "Are you okay to drive now? You had wine, didn't you?"

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