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   Chapter 1198 Extra Story 88 Of Charlie Edge For Love

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"Hey, Charlie, not bad! You've got everything you wanted today," said Evan as he stepped closer to Charlie. With a meaningful smile on his face, he continued, "Well, you wouldn't be where you are now without us. We're all friends, right?" While he was speaking, Evan winked at the others around him and added, "So, why don't you buy each of us, equipment as a reward? We're not greedy, and that's just a piece of cake for you. Am I right?"

"Oh, come on, you look nothing like someone who could use any equipment," Bess couldn't help but mock as she glared at Evan. Then she continued, "In my opinion, it would be more practical for you to start thinking about what wedding gift to get for them." She shook her head helplessly and looked at Evan as if he were foolish. "If you want to take advantage of Charlie's money, you can do it yourself. Don't count on me. I'm not going to help you with this because, in the end, Charlie, the profiteer, would only earn more."

While the others all nodded agreeing with Bess, Evan went quiet. Deep in his mind, Evan knew that Bess did have a point. Evan suffered many losses from the same mistake that he made again and again. He didn't seem to learn from it.

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and took Elsa by the hand. Regardless of what the others were expecting, Charlie led Elsa towards the door without saying anything leaving the heckling crowd behind.

"Seriously? Hoes before bros? Damn it, what an asshole!" Ezra couldn't help but berate Charlie behind his back.

"Come on. You're a lawyer. Watch your mouth, all right?" said Evan as he put his arm on Ezra's shoulder. "Be mindful of your behavior here. I mean, you can do and say whatever you want when we're all in the game. No one cares about it, but don't say it in the real world. Besides, you're such a gentleman. How could you say something so rude like that? Don't you agree?"

Evan let out a deep sigh and was about to lecture him some more about Ezra's unacceptable behavior. However, in spite of his criticism, it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Ezra jumped up and leaned all of his weight on one of Evan's shoulders, causing him to lose his balance and nearly fall over.

While the two of them horsed around, the others bega

ny eye contact with him.

"Come on, Steve, stop scaring the kids." Addison shook his head, helplessly. Then after exchanging a few more words with Charlie, he finally left with Steve.

Elsa stole a glance at the two men walking away. Both were tall and strong. However, she felt much more comfortable looking at Addison's back than Steve's. Steve gave her an eerie feeling, and his light yellow hair that was almost white sent a chill up her spine.

"He's Steve Tang, the famous 'King' of the legal world, not only in Asia but also in Europe," Charlie remarked as he closed the door to the office. "Don't ever have anything to do with this man. He's the absolute model of perversion. With the extraordinary innate appearance, together with the fame that he had gained by his occupation, he is extremely arrogant," explained Charlie. Charlie asked Elsa to sit down on the sofa while he went to the bar fridge and poured her a glass of juice while he got a coke for himself. After drinking a mouthful of coke, he added, "Steve's birth is a taboo subject for him, so never mention it in front of him."

Elsa furrowed her brows, confused. "Why would I mention that in front of him? I don't even know him?"

"No." Charlie contradicted her immediately. "I won't waste time going into too many details about someone irrelevant, but Steve is working on many cases with the Dragon Empire Group. Since you're going to be the half owner of the group in the future, you'll most likely meet him."

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