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   Chapter 1197 Extra Story 87 Of Charlie Confess in Public

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But since she had used the account of that server for so long, she was reluctant to withdraw from the server. Thus, she just continued browsing forums and used her account at times. "You will be pissed off if you'd learn that he is an old ugly man,"

Annoying her, Ann, who was sitting beside her, said maliciously. Pissed at her lack of motivation, Olivia gave her a hard look upon hearing that. Soon, a person went on the stage.

In an instant, Olivia stared at that person in shock. Anna and Ann, who were sitting beside her, couldn't help but laugh crazily. For fear of being heard and catching too much attention, they covered their mouths with their hands. It was beyond doubt that they would laugh out loud if it was permitted on that occasion. Contrary to their expectations, Quiet Misery was neither old nor ugly, but very attractive.

However, Quiet Misery was not a man at all. In contrast to what they had expected, Quiet Misery was a female. Seeing this, Elsa, who was filled with happiness and mirth, couldn't help bursting into laughter and asked, "Olivia, why haven't you informed me that you have such a weird sexual orientation? Haha... I am reminding you not to show any interest in me. Anyway, I have found my love!"

While saying that, Elsa was even swaying her body like a spoiled child. She was just too happy at the moment. People are just so strange. Before Charlie confessed his love to her, Elsa also acted as if she didn't love him. But after Charlie professed his love to her tonight, everything between them had been made clear. They no longer hid their true feelings for each other and the thought felt so liberating for Elsa.

From the way he planned things out, Charlie was very skilled at reading people's mind. He kept some distance away from Elsa when she felt kinky about their relationship. But when Elsa began to subconsciously escape away from him because of his identity, Charlie told her about his identity in person, so that she wouldn't go off into wild flights of fancy. Tonight, he seized the golden chance to confess his love to her, and then Elsa had agreed with his proposal. "Oh, oh..." With the smile disappearing on her face, Anna winked at Ann and teased. "She has found her love.

Some days ago, somebody looked disappointed and depressed all day long as if she were an abandoned woman."

"Yes, yes. I bet she even cried when we were not around." While Anna and Ann were whispering to each other, Olivia, who had been shocked and saddened to know that Quiet Misery was a woman, felt her mood was a little better now. Pursing her lips, she said, "What goes around comes around."

After she finished her words, she even cast a meaningful glance at Elsa. At this moment, the staff had taken two personal computers and put them on a desk. Charlie and Quiet Misery sat opposite each other. Others present could see their side faces.

The big screen had been connected to both of their computers, but the scenes were integrated. When everyone else was sighing in amazement at Dragon's amazing technologies, the new characters, one male and one female, had shown

a tinge of shame in his expression, Ezra said as he stepped forward in a hurry and stood beside Charlie and Evelyn. "Fuck off!" while saying, Evelyn gave Ezra's belly a nudge, making him choke at the sudden jolt.

Feeling sorry for him, Evan stared at Ezra in shock and said, "Ezra, as far as I can see, your dick would be hurt if she has kicked you 5cm below the belly. If that happened, it would be impossible for you to satisfy Evelyn's sexual desires."

At the mention of her name, along with the nasty joke, Evan's remark infuriated Evelyn a lot. As soon as those words were uttered out of Evan's mouth, Evelyn rushed towards Evan in an attempt to give him a fierce beat, but Evan ran away before she could even grab hold of him. While Evan was running, Evelyn chased hard after him. In the meantime, Evan was yelling, "Evelyn, your highness, I'm sorry. You are my queen. I admit that I was wrong. My queen, please forgive me."

Despite Evan's wails and pleads, Evelyn didn't stop. She was so eager to beat him up to take her revenge upon him. Since Evan had annoyed her that much, it was impossible for her to let go of him so easily. Undoubtedly, she never waited for even a second to let anyone bother him to pay for what he had done to her. Knowing her attitude, she had felt rather aggravated to be always stirred up by Ezra. Now that Evan even dared to annoy her, she would surely not forgive him lest he did it again next time.


My queen, I was wrong. I have realized that it was my fault. Forgive me, forgive me." Keeping a safe distance away from her, Evan held the arm of a chair very firmly, while gazing at members of the Madness Is Good Group for help, as Evelyn was "ruthlessly" trying to beat him with kicks and fists.

Diverting his eyes away from the troublesome two, Charlie fixed his eyes on Little Bun's innocent smiling face. Sensing his stare, Elsa stopped chuckling at Evelyn's and Evan's chase and turned her head to look at Charlie's direction. Then, with a sudden warmth, a sudden spark and a sudden blush, their eyes met.

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