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   Chapter 1196 Extra Story 86 Of Charlie Confess in Public

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At that moment, after he spoke, joint pictures taken in the game and real life were displayed on the screen. Both Charlie and Silent Sorrow were very handsome. Evelyn and Legendary Past appeared very queenly. Elsa and Sweet Dream looked pure and lovely.

Each game screenshot was presented together with some captions above it. After their group pictures were shown, a picture that Elsa's roommates was familiar with showed up. On that picture, Elsa fell asleep at the desk, while Charlie took a candid picture with her in the same pose as hers.

With that wacky picture shown on the big screen, Charlie looked back and said smilingly, "This is the best and most natural picture that I have taken." Then, he shifted his attention to Elsa with a mocking smile and continued, "It seems that I could only do such shady things

as surely the most excited. The reason that she attended this party was just for Quiet Misery. At the very beginning, she knew something about this man from her classmate. With her curiosity being challenged and her interests teased by this strange man, she surfed the internet to search for information about the legendary player and low-profile guy in forums. In her efforts to get acquainted with this man, she had joined a server, where she had spent a lot of time in tracking and stalking Quiet Misery. She had been complaining that Quiet Misery kept such a low profile that the forums mentioned almost nothing about him and that she had never learned anything about him in spite of her relentless search. To her dismay, she had learned from a friend that Quiet Misery wasn't in the server that she had joined at all.

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