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   Chapter 1195 Extra Story 85 Of Charlie Confess in Public

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Revealing a more meaningful smile on his face, Charlie paused for a while, and then glimpsed at Allen with slightly raised eyebrows. Coincidentally, he saw that Allen wanted to stand up but was grabbed by Rita. At the sight of this, Charlie sneered secretly and coldly, his eyes fixed on Elsa who was sitting at an obscure corner. Afterward, he declared, "Sweet Dream and I have been married in the virtual world, but in reality..."

"Marry him, marry him, marry him!" the group cheered, cutting him short from what he was about to say.

Overwhelmed by the cheers and giggles, Charlie paused for a moment. Before he continued, a tinge of excitement welled up inside him as the cheers got louder, when everyone wished that Charlie would propose to Elsa. At that very moment, an intense beam of light shone upon Elsa unexpectedly.

Immediately, everyone present shifted their attention to Elsa along the direction of the light. Even though some of them didn't know who Elsa was, they all assumed that she was the Sweet Dream referred by Charlie.

Except for two intense streaks of light on Charlie and Elsa, all other lights there had been turned off. As a result, everyone's attention was focused on the two of them. Caught in such a situation, Elsa didn't know how to respond, while Anna, Olivia, and Ann, who were sitting beside her, were trying their best to behave as appropriately as possible, although they were nudging Elsa in secret. The three of them, being Elsa's closest friends, understood that Charlie just made that announcement in public, perhaps because he wanted to persuade Elsa to be his girlfriend in reality, and not only in the virtual world. By doing so, Elsa would be left with no choice but to say yes.

"Sweet Dream, Sweet Dream!" Breaking the silence, Evelyn unexpectedly shouted, making Elsa jerk at the sudden outburst.

Following Evelyn's cheer, everyone present started shouting, "Sweet Dream, Sweet Dream." Although the intense light shone upon Elsa, she was sitting on her seat uncomfortably with cold sweat on her forehead. In spite of the beaming light, many people couldn't see her clearly because she was out of their sight and the lighting from the spotlight was too intense.

Not knowing what to do, Elsa instinctiv

ding far away, and in front of him, there stood a Little Prophet dressed in a blue gauze dress.

"Unexpectedly, the first time I saw her was in the game. Although she acted as a virtual character in the game, I still recognized her.

That day, I told Evelyn that I wanted to be transferred to A University at A City. Thinking things over, Evelyn favored my decision on the sole condition that I would act as her boyfriend. I agreed! It was because I hoped that my little sister who had grown up together with me wouldn't feel lonely. Besides, I wanted to be closer to the one I loved," Charlie narrated.

"Later, I found that she had had a boyfriend, and played the game merely because of her boyfriend. As I discerned that, I chose to care about her in secret. Since she had already found the one that she loved, I decided not to disturb her.

Like what she would do during her childhood, she would run out of breath when she was depressed. And in these cases, I would stand far away from her, looking at her in silence.

As I played the game too frequently, Evelyn finally found that I had a crush on somebody. When I made every effort to win the championship for the one I loved, Evelyn helped me with my goal." He continued while thankfully looking at Evelyn, "There are two women who occupy an insurmountable position in my life. One is the woman that I love, while the other is my little sister who always supports me. Now, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the two of them."

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