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   Chapter 1194 Extra Story 84 Of Charlie Mr. Charlie Long

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Seeing that he was looking at Elsa, Olivia bent forward in order to block his view of her roommate.

Allen turned away from Elsa and Oliver to glance at Charlie, who was seated a few seats away. Then he turned to look elsewhere. Last night, he had asked George about Charlie's identity and background, but George had revealed nothing more than saying that Charlie was not somebody he could provoke. Naturally, George's advice made him even more curious. He had seen with his own eyes that the senior executives of Falloon Mall act respectfully towards Charlie. How could such a person only live off Evelyn? The only possibility would be that it was because Evelyn had given him such a high position. Could that be true?

With these thoughts swimming around in his head, he looked over at Evelyn and Charlie, who were seated next to each other. Evelyn was leaning towards Charlie, whispering something to him. Then she laughed so hard that her shoulder was touching Charlie's. They looked very intimate together.

At that moment, a man walked onto the stage. After pushing his thick glasses over the bridge of his nose, he bent slightly and said on the microphone, "Good afternoon, every dear player! Welcome to the Party! First of all please let me express our sincere pleasure to receive all of you on behalf of the Dragon Game Department of Flight Media..."

After his opening remarks, the man began to introduce the development concept of Dragon in the following and something to be released in the game soon. As soon as they saw the glorious special effects and the skills and configurations of characters to be added on the large screen on the stage, the players burst into an uproar and looked quite excited.

Then came the cosplay. Two popular multi-talented stars, a male and a female, appeared respectively as a member of Dragons and Dark Wizard, the two biggest ethnic groups in the game, causing another uproar of cheers from the players. One of the two stars was signed with The Flight Media, while the other was signed with The Dream Media. Despite different names, both the companies belonged to the Long Family. Stars signed with the two companies occupied half the market share. Thanks to the abund

ppearance was in fact Mr. Charlie Long, who had made great achievements but never appeared in public before.

If Rita and George came from rich and powerful families, then Charlie came from one of the richest and most powerful families. With his physical appearance, skilled operation, successful career as well as such a family background, how could anybody else compare with him?

"I have talked too much nonsense," Charlie said with a faint smile. "In addition to the gathering together as a topic, today's party is held also in order to announce something that is important for Dragon. That is, from today, formally, Dragon separates itself from Flight Media and becomes an independent company under Dragon Empire Group. Next, please enjoy a PK between new characters played by Quiet Misery from Dragon Flying server and I."


an anonymous person roared. In an instant, the news created quite a stir in the whole studio.

Elsa and her roommates stared at the radiant Charlie. Even though they knew he was a member of the Long Family, they didn't know what the name of Mr. Charlie Long meant. They only knew that a person who possessed Dragon, a game with inestimable profit every day, and was able to turn mere a department of a subsidiary into a subsidiary of Dragon Empire Group could by no means simple.

"But before the PK, I want to talk about something private..." Charlie continued, deepening his smile a bit and letting his gaze fall on Elsa. *

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