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   Chapter 1193 Extra Story 83 Of Charlie Mr. Charlie Long

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However, she could not understand why she had such a feeling. She had looked through all four dresses when Bess first sent them to Elsa and her three roommates. According to Bess, these were gifts from Evelyn. She looked at the tags of the dresses. All of them were "Only Memory". This brand hadn't released casual clothing for students and dress for formal occasions until recently. All the products of this brand were handmade, which meant that the dress you liked might not be in your size. There was only one piece of each design in every shop of "Only Memory". They were one of a kind.

So of course, a dress from "Only Memory" was by no means cheap. On the contrary, all the dresses were quite expensive. Anna estimated that the dresses for the four of them would cost a large amount of money.

While she was thinking about the dresses, Olivia had pulled Elsa aside for makeup. Elsa was cute and had fair skin; she didn't need heavy makeup in order to look pretty. Light makeup was enough.

"What's wrong?" Ann asked, walking over to Anne, noticing that Anne was lost in thought.

Her question pulled Anne back. Glancing over at Elsa and Olivia, Anne looked at Ann. "I don't know why but I feel like we've been led into a trap," she told her friend in a low voice.

Ann was stunned momentarily, but then she smiled reassuringly. "We're not playing the game. We're only going for the fun. How could we get trapped?" Ann couldn't help but show the whites of her eyes. "Besides, if this is a trap, it must be a sweet trap for Elsa... We can enjoy a good show. We can have beautiful dresses to wear and delicious food to eat. Why do you think so much?"

Thinking some more, Anna nodded in agreement with Ann. "Fortune favors fools like Elsa," she said, shrugging. "Even though we don't know who Charlie is exactly, he is a member of the Long Family, first of all. In the end, it is a good thing for Elsa."

"It is better to have a good husband than a good job,"

Ann said as she chuckled conspiratorially with Anna.

"What are you laughing at?" Elsa asked, confused. She was looking over at her roommates.

Ann and Anna exchanged looks. Then, after clearing her throat, Ann replied in a serious tone, "Nothing. We're w

lyn couldn't help but roll her eyes. As she gestured with her hands to the members of Madness Is Good, who were sitting two rows behind her, she winked at Elsa and said, "Sweet Dream, dear sister-in-law, Sorrow will arrive soon. He is a bit busy at the moment."

All of a sudden, Elsa blushed in embarrassment and the corners of her mouth twitched. "It...It's none of my business..."

Evelyn burst into laughter, followed by all the players nearby who knew their characters in the game. At the same time, they were curious about the real person behind the name Silent Sorrow, as he had been a legendary character since the open beta of the game.

When it was nearly three o'clock, almost all of the players who had registered to attend the party had arrived, and all the players officially invited by Dragon had arrived except Quiet Misery from Dragon Flying server and Silent Sorrow from Dragon Yelling server. When there was one or two minutes before three o'clock, the light in the whole studio was turned off except for the light on the stage. Perhaps intentionally, both Quiet Misery and Silent Sorrow entered the venue and sat on their seats during this period of time.

Seeing that the seat for Quiet Misery was seated, Olivia felt like her heart was about to rush out of her chest. However, when she looked at Quiet Misery, she sensed someone glaring at her. By instinct, she looked in the direction of that someone. She saw Allen looking over at Elsa, who was next to her.

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