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   Chapter 1192 Extra Story 82 Of Charlie Mr. Charlie Long

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Evelyn wasn't happy to have breakfast today; she felt upset whenever she thought about how different Addison and Charlie were. Addison, who was 27 and who still hadn't had a lover, seemed to think of himself as being very young. In contrast, Charlie had fallen in love with a girl in his primary school years, and he had been in love with the same girl for more than 10 years. Had they undergone gene mutation?

As she thought about it all, Evelyn bit off some of the bread and chewed slowly but surely. Her gaze focused on Addison in front of her, as if she were imagining that the piece of bread was Addison.

Seeing the expressions on Evelyn's face, Addison could not help but smile. The smile spread from the corners of his mouth to his eyes. Both he and Charlie pampered their youngest sister, but in different ways. Addison was the eldest, and so acted as a parental figure for Charlie and Evelyn, his younger twins, in place of their parents. In addition, he felt responsible for the twins especially because he was a candidate for the power holder of Dragon Island, while Charlie and Evelyn were members of the Long Family. On the other hand, Charlie pampered his twin sister in a much simpler sense.

"There is a series of new arrivals from 'Only Memory'," Addison said, smearing jam on a piece of bread. "Mommy said that Aunt Ximena has initiated a new series for young adults for your sake."

He had thought that Evelyn would be grateful, but to his disappointment, she rolled her eyes and tilted her head up as though she didn't want to talk to her brother at all. "I'm not interested," she told him.

Addison didn't seem too shocked by his younger sister's cold response. He only took a look at her with a smile, and then he continued to smear jam on his piece of bread. "Are you going to have lunch together with me and then go to Flight Media, or...?"

"You're going there too?" Evelyn asked, glancing at him.

"Yeah. I will go and have a look," Addison replied as he set the piece of bread covered in jam down on Evelyn's plate. Then he picked up his napkin and wiped his fingers, all in one swift, elegant manner. "As it happens, I have something to do there." He paused for a bit and then added, "Ezra will also arrive in T City at noon today."

"Why is he coming here? He

ost money to play, none of the girls who were there that day came from poor families. Therefore, they all cared about their appearance and how they portrayed themselves in front of others. From their beautiful characters within the game, they wished they could also be as beautiful in real life, and the girls who liked photoshop and mobile filters wished that they could be photoshopped in their real lives as well.

Olivia and her roommates were no exception. Everybody wanted to look attractive. Even if they weren't going to be prettier than the others, they didn't want to be disliked or despised. For this reason, everyone wanted to dress up.

"Elsa, the dress Evelyn gave you looks amazing!" Ann could not help but exclaim when Elsa walked out of the bathroom. It was a pure white knee length tee dress with bubble skirt. A slight pink belt was knotted in the shape of a bowknot around the waist. On the hanging ribbon there was a crystal dragonfly. As Elsa walked, the dragonfly seemed to fly.

"Yeah, it looks amazing," Anna said with a nod in agreement with Ann. "It looks simple but pure and elegant. The color matches Elsa quite well. You're pure too. The finishing touch enhances the taste of the dress so that you could wear it to attend a dinner party." While saying that, her gaze fell on the ribbon around Elsa's wrist and the crystal dragonfly on the ribbon. When Elsa walked, it looked like the two dragonflies were chasing each other and playing together. All of a sudden, Anne felt like something was wrong.

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