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   Chapter 1191 Extra Story 81 Of Charlie Pressure

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"The latter!"

Charlie answered firmly.

The person paused, as if to think, before answering, "I will arrange everything for you."

Due to various reasons, many people were still oblivious as to what identity Charlie held. Perhaps his desire to keep a low profile attributed to this problem. Although he grew up in A City, he and his sister were taken back to Dragon Island before they finished their primary school. He finally returned to A City after many years when he transferred to A University for higher studies. As a result, his identity was still an enigma to most. Another reason was, of course, the game, Dragon.

At the beginning, the person in charge wanted Charlie to endorse the game. Firstly, he was the player himself. And secondly, it was his company after all, which made him the perfect choice. Moreover, Charlie was a handsome man with a model-like build. His image would definitely attract a large number of people. However, Charlie had no intentions of exposing himself to the media. To the people who knew him, they thought that he just wanted to protect Evelyn by acting as her boyfriend, but the truth was that he just wanted to stay close to Elsa. He still hadn't figured out how he would face Elsa once his true identity was revealed.

He didn't want to tell Little Bun the truth so soon, because he thought it would frighten her and drive her away from him. Charlie was afraid that she wouldn't be able to handle the pressure!

Shortly after Charlie hung up the phone call, the person in charge announced on Dragon's official website that a member of the Long Family would be attending the game meeting. This piece of news not only surprised the members of "Madness Is Good", but also players in the other servers and the members of other large groups such as the "Creepy Group". Needless to say, the reporters braced themselves,

ly girl for yourself. You should put your work on the back burner for some time." Then, pausing to ponder over it for a moment, she continued, "What kind of girl do you see yourself with? Tell me. I'll see if I can find a good match for you."

Addison caressed Evelyn's hair and said, "Why are they in such a hurry? Papa Brian married at the age of 35. I am only 27 now."

"That's a bunch of bull!" Evelyn heaved a deep sigh. Putting her hand onto Addison's soft and warm hands, she urged him, "Addison, it would be really shameful to lose to Charlie in this matter. How will you face Charlie in the future? Alas... Just think about it. He is younger than you, yet he is starting to run his own business. If you can't even get married before he does, how will I show my face to the world? After all, I am your sister! So, do it, not only for Mom and Spark, but also for me, okay?"

Addison's smile turned into a grin; his dimples deepened. There was a glimmer of smile in his eyes, too.

"Yes, yes. I should speed up my pace to look for a girlfriend for you. And she must be able to cook well so that you can enjoy her cooking."

Evelyn was annoyed to hear that. "Are you looking for a maid for me or my sister-in-law?" she grumbled.

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