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   Chapter 1190 Extra Story 80 Of Charlie Pressure

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Rolling her eyes and sighing in frustration, Ann sat next to Elsa, grinning like a loon. "Elsa, Umm… Could you do me a favor? Can you ask Charlie if he knows my eye candy? I want to get close to him!"

Anna rolled her eyes and said, "Ann, now is not the time to talk about this."

Ann pouted her lips and scoffed, "Oh! All right." She sat up straight and faced Elsa. "I'll give you two choices. You can either ask Charlie yourself, or we'll help you?"

"Ask what?" Elsa had no clue what Ann was going on about.

Olivia helplessly sighed, "Ask about his family background, of course… You can't marry a person without even knowing who he really is, right?"

Elsa shied away instantly, lowering her eyes and mumbling, "I'm not marrying him. What does his family background have to do with me?"

Olivia, Ann, and Anna exchanged glances and suppressed their laughter unanimously. They knew what kind of person Elsa was. They knew that Elsa wasn't thinking about whether she and Charlie would fit each other, but how they could be together given the vast difference between their backgrounds. It was like thinking about how to run before even learning how to walk properly. Elsa didn't know what true love was or what it could do to a person. Nothing in the world could have prepared Elsa for it when her time came.


It was already quite late in the night when Charlie went back to the hotel. He opened the door to find Evelyn playing computer games in his room. Surprised, he asked, "Weren't you supposed to go shopping with Bess?"

"I did, in the morning…" With eyes glued to the screen, she continued, "We went to West Street and then had lunch at the Falloon Mall."

"You were at the Falloon today?" Charlie was taken by surprise because he assumed Evelyn and her friend were eating desserts at West Street. He coughed to clear his throat, making a big effort to be more exuberant, adding hand gestures and varying

ometimes, he was reluctant to look at the photos from the past because it brought him so much joy, and he feared he would start to miss it too much. It was hard enough as it was, considering how badly he wished he could see that same little girl and play with her without a care in the world, just like they did in the past!

Lazily resting his back on the chair, Charlie put his feet up and crossed his legs on the table. Every picture of her was vivid, taking him back to a trip down memory lane. He remembered every tiny detail. In fact, he treasured the memories so much that he was willing to spend years waiting for her patiently. He wanted to grow up to be a reliable man so he could protect her from the world. However, the funny thing was that his protective nature only made her feel more scared.

Mere minutes turned to an hour as he gazed at the photos in a pensive mood. Glancing at his watch quickly, Charlie exited the album and called the person in charge of Dragon.

"Mr. Long!"

"I will come to the meeting tomorrow!" Charlie flatly said.

The person on the other end of the line fell into silence for a few seconds. After a brief pause, he asked, "Mr. Long, do you mean the issue about the game design or the issue about the Long Family's person in charge?"

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