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   Chapter 1189 Extra Story 79 Of Charlie Pressure

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Bess's words puzzled everyone. Their eyes glinted like mercury marbles, darting left and right in confusion. The managers ran up to Charlie, bowed to him respectfully and addressed him, "Mr. Long!"

Evelyn's mouth twitched. She glanced at Elsa quickly, then turned to look at Bess. Lowering her voice so that only Bess would hear her, Evelyn murmured, "This is too good to be considered a coincidence."

Bess laughed helplessly and murmured back to Evelyn, "This is one incident after another..."

Allen and Rita absent-mindedly looked at Charlie. This scene played in their minds like a strange deja vu, filling them with a sense of familiarity that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Elsa's knowledge of Charlie's personal life stretched just until the Long Family. She knew very little of the true extent of his influence and power. As for her roommates, they had no idea what was going on.

Apart from Evelyn and Bess, everyone else dropped what they were doing and stared at the crowd downstairs in wonder.

Funnily enough, Charlie wasn't even aware that they were inside a mall. He just happened to be passing by to take care of some business.

"Have you found the person?" Charlie asked the manager of the mall as he walked to the lift, which would take him to the top floor, where the main office was located.

The manager lowered his head in embarrassment and answered, "No, we haven't."

"What is the damage?" Charlie waited for the lift, while the attendant pressed the button for him.

The manager's face soured as he reported, "At least 10 million."

That was just the minimum estimate. Although it was a small number compared to the wealth of the Dragon Empire Group, it was still a considerable amount.

"Shouldn't the computers be checked and maintained regularly by the technicians from the headquarters?" Charlie asked sternly, "Why was there such a huge loophole?"

The manager stammered, "There were minor issues earlier on, but when the technicians checked the computers and couldn't detect the problem, they concluded that it was a system issue and re-installed the system. However, after the re-installation…"

"It's Hack-Y." Charlie frowned, sighing in exasperation.

Suddenly, with a small beeping sound to signal,

of her friend's good fortune. Not only was Evelyn born into a powerful family, she also had always been cared for and loved by her parents and her brothers.

Meanwhile, the other girls were still reeling in shock after what had just happened. Apart from Evelyn, who seemed strangely unaffected, everyone else had lost the interest to continue shopping, finding it all about too much to deal with on a casual afternoon. Calling it a day, they agreed upon a location for the Dragon meet-up tomorrow before heading back to their hotels respectively.

The moment Elsa and the other girls returned to the hotel, Olivia couldn't wait to uncover the mystery that had been troubling her since Charlie appeared. "Elsa, tell me the truth! Who is Charlie?"

It was the same question bothering Anna and Ann, who both looked at Elsa with anticipation. Falloon Mall was Dragon Empire Group's earliest and biggest grocery retailer. The company, in itself, was considered to be one of the most prominent and well-established retailers all over the country. The man at the top of the company was none other than, Charlie. How crazy was that?

Elsa, however, just looked back in confusion as well. Shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders, she answered, "I don't really know..."

She wasn't lying. All she knew about Charlie was that he was a wealthy person, but she didn't even know him well enough to know how much wealth he owned. Since it never came up in their conversations, she didn't ask and he didn't say either.

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