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   Chapter 1188 Extra Story 78 Of Charlie Unexpected Encounter

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"What are you planning to do next? Shall we have lunch together?" Evelyn sent her warm invitation. "A new sushi restaurant just opened in the Falloon Mall near West Street. It's really nice! Let's go! Let's go!"

The four girls looked at each other. One thing that they had to consider was the price. After all, Falloon Mall was a luxurious place. However, they felt Evelyn's enthusiasm. So even with some financial constraint, they still agreed to go with excitement.

"It's so nice to meet you all! It will be my treat for lunch! Let me treat you all!" Bess offered. Her action was like saying, "If my queen is happy, then I will be happy as well. If you don't agree and make my queen upset, I will do my best to protect my queen!"

As the famous saying went, "Birds of a feather flock together." Ann finally understood this line. Even though they came to know Evelyn because of Elsa, they found Evelyn to be an easygoing person, just like Elsa was. Her smile was just so lovely, and all of them were drawn to her sincerity. As for Bess, she only wanted one thing, and that was to make Evelyn happy. Once Evelyn's spirits were high, then everyone else's would naturally be affected.

Just as Evelyn had said, the sushi restaurant was a famous and popular one. When they reached the restaurant, they had to wait for a vacancy. Being an ardent food lover, Evelyn didn't mind waiting. She knew that it would be worth it. Since they still had some time to kill, Evelyn suggested that they could go shopping in the mall first and come back later.

All the girls loved fancy things. They might not be able to afford them, but that wouldn't prevent them from pursuing luxury items. They started from the first floor and

scum anger you? They're not worth your anger or time."

Then she turned to face Rita and sneered, "Only the Gu family values you. Do you really think that the Gu family is a well off family? You could only dream of leading a luxurious life such as Evelyn's. You're so pathetic!"

"Who are you to say?" Rita argued back.

"Rita, we're in the mall now!" Allen cut her off, reminding her not to make a scene in public.

Rita still wanted to argue, but suddenly stopped when she heard a commotion happening at the entrance of the mall. They all turned around to see what it was. Two men in black were walking in the front, then Charlie with his hands in his pockets strode casually behind as if he were the king of the place. Behind him were a dozen more men, smartly dressed in different suits.

"Why is Charlie here?" Bess quietly asked.

"I don't know." Evelyn was equally baffled. "He went to the company this morning. Addison is with him as well. I'm not sure what's going on."

"Well, well." Bess looked at the managers of the mall who approached Charlie.

"That's quite unexpected. It seems he can't hide his identity anymore."

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